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Found 2 results

  1. Inspection rules for rubber parts for automobiles-Liquid resistance Test method for liquid resistance of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber according to GB/T1690-2010 Contents and requirements: Instrument and equipment: soaking container. The electrothermal constant temperature drying box has a measuring range of 0 ~300 C and accuracy of 1 C. Environmental conditions: the temperature of the laboratory is 23 C + + 2 C, and the relative humidity is 60%~70% Inspection method: The sample is immersed in a container filled with prescribed liquid to ensure that the sample is always completely immersed in the test liquid. If there is temperature requirement, put the container in the thermostat at the specified temperature. According to the prescribed time for immersion test, after testing, the relevant indicators such as hardness and volume change are measured.
  2. 5. bonding strength Determination of adhesion strength of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber to fabric according to BT532-2008 Contents and requirements: Instrument and equipment: electronic universal pull machine, measuring range ON~20000N, accuracy is 0.1N~10N Environmental conditions: the laboratory temperature is 23℃±2℃, the relative humidity is 60%~70% Test method: The width of the specimen is 25 mm (+ 0.5 mm) and the effective peeling length is at least 100 m. A crack about 50 mm is peeled at one end of the specimen. The speed of the lower gripper is adjusted to 50 mm/min + 5 mm/min by adjusting the tension machine. The stripping gripper is installed so that the clamping surfaces of the two grippers are on the same plane of the stripping force axis to ensure that the sample does not twist when the 180 * stripping occurs. Adjust the zeros of dynamometer and recording system. The machine is continuously removed from the machine, and the sample is stripped or damaged. Results: the median of stripping force was determined according to A, B or C in GBT12833 standard. The adhesion strength of the specimen is calculated by dividing the median with the width of the specimen. The number of samples is three, the arithmetic mean value is taken, and the test result is expressed in N/mm.