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  • Open Club  ·  26 members  ·  Last active

    This club hasn't provided a description.

  • Open Club  ·  9 members  ·  Last active

    For questions about Law, Arbitration, Adjudication, and other Dispute Resolution. Duties of Neutrals, Experts, and Expert Witnesses. How to make and resist claims in Technology, Manufacturing, or Construction.

  • Open Club  ·  10 members  ·  Last active

    Ask puzzles or solve them... Give and take challenge

  • Open Club  ·  16 members  ·  Last active

    Collaborate to learn computing skills using MatLab

  • Open Club  ·  15 members  ·  Last active

    Lets discuss and share excel tips and you have a specific requirement for analysis... share here, hope we all members can help you

  • Open Club  ·  5 members  ·  Last active

    TRIZ is a problem solving method based on logic and data, not intuition, which accelerates the project team’s ability to solve these problems creatively. TRIZ also provides repeatability, predictability, and reliability due to its structure and algorithmic approach. Lets collaborate to learn & Aplply TRIZ principles.

  • Open Club  ·  13 members  ·  Last active

    Collaborate together to discuss technological innovations , manufacturing practices in steel industry. Group for engineers associated with steel industry