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    FLATBED TRAILERS GT Semi Trailer can offer different type or FLATBED TRAILERS for dry loads. These kind of Flatbed Trailers are used for carrying container, steel, other items which is loaded with pallet. GT Semi Trailer can offer these Flatbeds Trailers with different specification according to country regulations and customer demand. TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS BPW, SAF or Certificated Turkish Axles Self Steering or hydraulic steering axles Hydraulic or Pneumatic Ramp Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear , Petlas , Sava brand tires JOST or GOS Turkish brand parking leg and king pin ST Quality Steel usage Air or Mechanical Suspension ABS and EBS brake system Steel Rims We supply specialized and custom flatbed trailers for container transport. The trailer is a flat platform on top of 2, 3 or more axles, it has an entirely flat, level body without sides or roof. CKD and SKD of flatbed trailers is available. If you you need a container chassis trailer, please click here for more information. Features
  2. GT.Semi.Trailer

    Cement Trailers

    CEMENT TRAILER CEMENT TRAILER also known as silo trailer which is used for carrying different bulk items like cement, flour, wheat, lime and else. This kind of Bulk Cement Trailer has different usage opportunities like tipping silo trailer, or euro type trailer. As GT Semi trailer we offer a wide range of Cement Trailers with different specification and different capacities such as cement trailers; v type cement trailers, stainless cement trailers, aluminum cement trailer. GT Semi Trailer Manufacturers high quality cement bulk trailer or dry bulk trailer or Silo Trailer or Bulk Trailer from Turkey to all over the world we use Duetz motor on our trailers and we use ST material or Domex steel with thickness 4mm , 5mm , 6mm as the costumer demand with this trailer to can carry bulk powder , cement powder , grain , flour , sodium bi carbonate and any bulk and powder materials according to demand we can change the technical specifications to can move your bulk with any capacity start from 22 m3 up to 60 m3
  3. GT.Semi.Trailer

    Tipper Trailers

    TIPPER TRAILERS Tipper Trailers is used for carrying bulk materials. In this kind of trailers you can carry stone, wreck stones, sand and any kind of bulk materials. In Tipper Trailers there is a hydraulic cylinder applied by our company that works to lift the whole trailer we can made different loading capacities starting from 24 m3 up to 45 m3 as the costumer demand with different suspension types . GT Semi Trailer can offer customers different kind of Tipper Trailers solutions for their loads. GT Semi Trailer Tipper is a versatile trailer, capable of transporting heavy bulk materials, large machinery, or even low ground clearance mowers among hundreds of other applications. Sharing the same core strengths as the rest of the Gurlesenyil Trailer range, the GTTipper Trailer is equally at home on highways, byways and back roads. The product range is all electric operation with remote control as standard. The range includes options and accessories allowing you to specify your trailer to suit the job at hand. Every detail of the new GT Tipper trailer operation has been given considerable attention, leading to the design being widely acclaimed as one of the very best in Turkey. Our automatic locking Tippers (available on all sizes) are not only the toughest, but also the easiest to use.
  4. GT.Semi.Trailer

    Lowbed Semi Trailers Turkey

    LOWBED SEMI TRAILERS LOWBED SEMI TRAILERS which is knows also low loader and can carry heavy loads , excavators , construction machines, transformer, generator , cranes , caravans , army tanks and different kind of big machines. Lowbed Semi Trailers can be produced between 2 axles to 8 axles and loading capacity starting from 20 Tons to 180 Tons , rear or front loading Lowbed Trailers and platform as customer demand with different kind of specification according to demand. Self steering axles, hydraulic auto remote control axles, pool type chassis, Low bed Trailers hydraulic ramp, platform type chassis can be used in different kind of Lowbed trailer Features of lowbed trailers Mechanical or hydraulic climbing ramp is an option for easy loading and unloading Lower height (hydraulic and air suspension be able to adjust height) Detachable gooseneck is an option Small turning radius, up to 55° steering angle Both automatically and manually all wheels steering Drop deck minimize trailer’s platform height, increase traffic ability for over height cargo Side bracket is an option(for increase overall width), removable and swinging