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Analysis of common faults of electronically controlled engines

Common failures of electronic-controlled engines are as follows: difficult starting; unstable idle speed; unstable idle speed of hot vehicles; engine tempering; engine running weakness; engine intermittent failure; cylinder starvation; excessive fuel consumption; poor acceleration and other symptoms. There are various reasons for every failure.

1.1 Idle speed instability (1) Inlet system problems, make the mixture too thin (2) auxiliary air valve operation is not normal (3) injector injection time is not correct (4) ignition system is not correct (5) valve clearance is not correct (6) cold start injector leakage and other 1.3 engine operation of the main reasons for powerlessness (1) low fuel pressure, Poor fuel supply (2) poor ignition system or ignition timing (3) poor engine compression system (4) insufficient air flow meter or intake pressure sensor (5) engine wear seriously, insufficient cylinder compression

Feilong Jiangli will share other faults analysis of electronically controlled engine.

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