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Grinding of automobile parts

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Grinding is the process of grinding metal with a grinding wheel on a grinder. Grinding is one of the main methods of finishing. In the automobile industry, the grinding machine accounts for about 25%. Therefore, finishing and grinding of hardened materials is a common method. In addition, grinding is easy to automate, and is conducive to efficient production.

Grinding has the following characteristics:

1. The grinding wheel has high abrasive hardness and good heat resistance, so it can grind hard materials that metal tools can not process.

2. Grinding can remove very thin and very fine chips, the chip thickness is generally only a few microns, therefore, has a strong correction ability, processing accuracy can reach T6~IT5, surface roughness of Ra0.1 micron.

3. high grinding speed.

4. The cutting temperature is high, and the instantaneous maximum can reach 1000 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the grinding surface is easy to produce residual stress, burn and crack.

According to the geometry of the object, grinding can be divided into outer circle, inner circle, plane and formed surface. By clamping and driving the workpiece, it can be divided into centering grinding and centerless grinding. According to the feed direction, it can be divided into longitudinal feed and transverse feed. According to the working surface types of grinding wheels, they can be divided into peripheral grinding, end grinding and peripheral grinding.

The types of grinding machines commonly used in automobile manufacturing are ordinary grinder and special grinder. Ordinary grinder includes: cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, surface grinder, centerless grinder, etc. Special grinding machines include camshaft grinder, crankshaft grinder, cross shaft grinder and so on.

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