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Tiffany Yuan

Engine failure classifications

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Engine failure classifications

First, failure of cylinder and tile burning. When there is too much carbon between the piston and the cylinder, or insufficient oil, and too much dirt in the configuration system, the piston will be damaged when heated and expanded. And burning tile is generally in the system when problems, such as insufficient oil, configuration clearance is too small, oil plug is not impassable and so on, resulting in difficult start-up startup, flameout or smoke phenomenon. Maintenance measures for such troubles are to replace the appropriate piston according to different vehicle types and the corresponding engine-like cylinder to alleviate the damage of the cylinder. When the Bush is burnt, it needs to be scraped to adjust the degree of shaft and Bush configuration, and then, bearing dressing can be solved. Feilong Jiangli will share other kind of failure.

Second, fuel injection pump problem. If the injection advance angle praseodymium error. If the valve is not sealed or the parts are damaged, the fuel injection pump will be replaced, or if the fuel supply advance device is damaged, the spring may be broken, the spring supporting plate may be worn out, the counterweight block will be stuck and replaced.


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