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Tiffany Yuan

Engine failures can be roughly divided into the following:

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Engine failures can be roughly divided into the following:

1. The main reason of engine starting lag is the lack of battery energy. The engine speed is inversely proportional to the starter power. The higher the engine speed, the less starter power. In the case of starter power shortage, the engine starting will be very difficult. Of course, when the engine joint is loose, the tubing is broken and the base cushion is not strict, the piston is damaged, air and oil seepage, or oil seepage, pipeline blockage, sealing is not good, cylinder pressure is too low and so on, will also affect the normal operation of the starter to solve the maintenance measures is to replace the battery first. If the problem still exists, it is necessary to replace the oil pipes, connectors and liners of the engine as soon as possible, and then discharge the filters and sewage from the pipes to keep them open or replace the piston rings with better wear resistance to make the cylinder pressure normal.

Feilong Jiangli will share other kind of failure.

2. Premature or late fuel injection causes abnormal oil. People who drive cars often have this experience, such as the cylinder when the fuel supply "when" sound or dull "ringing" sound, which is really premature fuel injection and the performance of the spring, in this case the fuel supply is either too large or insufficient, resulting in engine speed and dynamic abnormality. The maintenance strategy is to loosen the two screws of the fuel injection pump coupling after the car starts, so that the flywheel pair on the fuel meter is on the corresponding degree line on the rotating disc of the fuel injection pump, and at the same time, to align the rear knuckle up by the timing so-called calibration line, which corresponds to the strength of the full pedal on the throttle, so that the fuel supply is stable until the normal power.


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