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Childhood is a song that has always been

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Childhood is a song that has always been appreciated; childhood is a colorful beach with countless dreams of childhood; childhood is a white cloud in the sky, representing my rich children's life... But my childhood is about the evening glow Have a special liking... Speaking of the sunset, I have a heartfelt impression Marlboro Red. Hey, the sun seems to be tired, slowly returning home, leaving only a brilliant red glow radiating beautiful colors on the horizon, dyed the earth into a red. "The morning glow does not go out, the sunset is a thousand miles." As time passes by, the sunset glows gradually in all directions, and it seems to be broken and connected, forming a red cloud, one after another, fluttering like a piece. Naughty children are chasing each other, like big lions, like fairy ribbons, more like a flaming roseunset glow is the warm hand of the mother. My mother often appeared beside me when I needed help and comfort. When I saw her, holding the warm hand of my mother, the ice in my heart suddenly melted. I felt my body was injected. Strength, I seem to be re-confident and I am not afraid of anything. Whenever I saw the distant sunset, I seemed to be beckoning to me. At this time, I would run home from elsewhere, cuddling in my mother��s arms, with sweet dreams and expectations for tomorrow, and I would sleep peacefully. Down, the dream is endless sweet.unset glow is a close friend, he accompanied me carefully through the road home, the road is so pitted, twists and turns, but with the accompanying sunset, I am not afraid. On this road, I can't forget the silver bell-like laugh that I left behind on the innocent grass, I can't forget the joyful playfulness in our creek, and I can't forget what we left when we were hiding in the mountains. Strings of small footprints.From the evening glow, the hometown is in loveWhenever I walked through a small garden near the kindergarten and saw a group of playful children in the small garden, there was a lot of waves in my heart, because I had left my childhood colorful dreams..Looking back a few years ago, I just met the little garden in spring when I just learned to walk Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. The iron fence at the entrance to the garden was caressed by morning glory Carton Of Newports. The butterfly that slept for a winter stretched out the green leaves in the small flowerbed on the east side of the small garden Newport 100S, and lifted up the soft waist and opened the charming flowers.The hot summer sun came, and there was a scene in the corner of the south of the small garden: small fruit trees, small willow trees, small poplar trees and small banyan trees all grew up, and the branches and leaves became more and more lush. These shades bring incomparably cool to the people in the garden.In the golden autumn of the harvest, the persimmon trees in the small garden bear the rich red persimmon fruit. Elegant chrysanthemums can't help but rush to open in this autumn season. There are yellow, white, purple, and green, which is really dazzling.any flowers and grasses are dead in the snowy winter. The leaves of many trees are also lost, leaving only bare trunks. Only the pine trees to the north of the small garden are still standing in the snow.hen the winter passed, the season of blooming flowers came, and the flowers blossomed in the blink of an eye. I am already a big boy. Whenever I came to this small garden and looked at the children who were playing in the small garden Newport Cigarettes, I thought: Small garden, you sent away the big children who had left childhood in you, and ushered in the truth. More lively and lovely "Little Angels". "Small pine trees, growing up, green leaves, new shoots." This song that has been circulated for generations is lingering in my ear. This song is so kind to us, so familiar...he small garden records the past of my childhood, I love this little garden in the street!

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