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am a little raindrop. In the spring of vitality

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am a little raindrop. In the spring of vitality, there are places where I walked, there are green footprints; where I have walked, there will be flowers in full bloom; where I have walked, there will be a good harvest... But in some places it is not the same as the desert. I want to go there with my partner to make him an oasis this way, I started my first trip with my lofty ideals Marlboro Red 100S. Yunmu took me and a lot of friends to the big forest. Many of my friends jumped happily. I didn't jump because I didn't want to settle here Wholesale Cigarettes. Yunmu took us to a hillside again, and some little friends jumped and laughed and jumped. I didn't jump because I didn't want to end my journey here. I want to go where I need it most. Mum Yun took us to a desert Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. At this time, I and a few small partners steadily jumped down. I hope that we will become bigger, and we will call some friends in the air, we hugged together, let the wind mother ruthlessly tear. We are not letting go, and gradually the raindrops have become a raindrop. We happily fell into the desert, moisturizing the thirsty desert spring, we are the happiest! I am grateful to the spring for giving me this sacred mission and strength!Individuals have dreams Newport 100S, and I am no exception. Although dreams are far from us, they are close at hand. People live extraordinary because of their dreams.goal - our dreams. Bing Xin once said: "Successful flowers, people only admire her current bright! But at the beginning of her bud, I was soaked in the tears of struggle, sprinkled the blood of sacrifice." In the journey of chasing dreams, we After experiencing the ups and downs, I was enlightened in this ups and downs, and let me fully understand the word "dream". Dreams give people hope, give people the power to chase dreams, and give people the spirit of struggle and miracle.dream is to invent a machine for blind people to "read" books, and to develop a "blind reading machine" blind person who can't see the light of the world because of his own defects, and can't swim in the sea of ??books, so I decided to be an invention. Fami "blind reading machine" mainly consists of a laser scanner, a computer, and a broadcaster. The laser scanner first transmits each text to the computer, and then turns the text signal into a sound through the computer, which is read aloud by the broadcaster to the blind person. The "reading machine" is shaped like a keyboard. Its neck has a long "neck" with a large eye attached to it. This is the "laser scanner." There are four speakers on the front of the machine. This is a broadcaster. He can read the text and convey it to the ears of the blind. There are two hands on both sides of the machine to turn the bookf a blind person wants to "read", he will say to the "blind reading machine" that I want to study, and the "reading machine" will say it with soind people can hear the sound of the slaps from the sounder, the laser scanner will scan slowly, and the comfortable chair will have a comfortable massage machine for the blind people to enjoy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, the broadcaster can still Imitating the voices of blind relatives, reading the blind people affectionately, let the blind people feel the warmth and warmth of family.

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