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Calling Engineering Skill Collab leaders

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Members will contribute and participate under the guidance of Skill Collab leader. Our idea is to have a collaborative learning, and so we have collabs. 

What are collabs ?

Collabs are groups for a dedicated skill or a concept. Each collab will have their own forums , Gallery, Blogs ,Downloads,  Pages - this will be a micro community and Collab leader will set the direction of participation . ths swill be like a groups of Linkeidn / facebook but with advanced features where members can collaborate to learn , share and exchange the idea.


Please give your inputs, feedback and suggestions to make it a grand success . Thai will benefit all members - "If you have a idea and I have another idea, if we exchange - we both will have two ideas" - same is with collabs ...If you are an expert in AutoCAd , and I am in CATIA; You create a collab on AutoCad and I will create on CATIA.

We want leaders to lead by starting a collab , Those who cannot start collab, suggest us topics/ skills on which  collabs should be formed  so that others whoa re expert can start on same.

Lets walk into Collaboration section

Share this post and invite all your engineering friends 

Thanks and Regards

Saurabh Jain

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