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LOWBED SEMI TRAILERS which is knows also low loader and can carry heavy loads , excavators ,  construction machines, transformer, generator , cranes , caravans , army tanks and different kind of big machines. Lowbed Semi Trailers can be produced between 2 axles  to 8 axles and loading capacity starting from 20 Tons to 180 Tons , rear or front loading Lowbed Trailers and platform as customer demand with different kind of specification according to demand. Self steering axles, hydraulic auto remote control axles, pool type chassis, Low bed Trailers hydraulic ramp, platform type chassis can be used in different kind of Lowbed trailer 

Features of lowbed trailers

  • Mechanical or hydraulic climbing ramp is an option for easy loading and unloading
  • Lower height (hydraulic and air suspension be able to adjust height)
  • Detachable gooseneck is an option
  • Small turning radius, up to 55° steering angle
  • Both automatically and manually all wheels steering
  • Drop deck minimize trailer’s platform height, increase traffic ability for over height cargo
  • Side bracket is an option(for increase overall width), removable and swinging

3 axles low bed semi trailer.jpg

GT lowbed semi trailer.jpg

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