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The wish is water, although it is not

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The wish is water, although it is not eye-catching, but going can bring us happiness. Everyone has a wish, some are like a goshawk flying in the sky, some are like the grass of the park, no matter how you know? Money is not omnipotent, but no money is impossible. Maybe money can't buy friendship, can't buy love, can't buy family, but it can bring joy and smile to those who need it. do I have this wish? Someone will say, "Why not? There will be a rich dream in the hearts of the women!" The starting value is from my parents and a born into a family that is not wealthy. There are four children in my family. I am the boss. Every day my parents are up and working when they are bright. The days are dark, and the parents of other families are watching TV and playing games with the children Cigarettes Online, but they are still working hard. Now I am in the sixth grade. My parents can work harder in the middle school. I work harder than ever Marlboro Red 100S. My mother is only thirty-two years old Newport Cigarettes Website, but wrinkles have already climbed her face. The original silky hands have become Such as scouring pad is generally rough. The father is only thirty-four, but all day is backache, the original daddy is now like a balloon. It's all because of money Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. If I have money that I can't finish, then Mom and Dad don't have to work hard. Money, all because I don't have money, I don't have the ability to let my mom and dad live a good the Wenchuan Earthquake, many people did not sleep and eat. Many children and my big children lost their parents, did not have the opportunity to go to school, watched their thirst for learning, and their thirst for happiness. I am touched. I have to make a lot of money to make my family and those who are unfortunate live a happy life.e is no such thing as falling in the sky. If you want money, I must study hard. Only then can I make everyone happy!is my wish, although it is like a small grit, but I think this is the greatest wealth in my life Newport Cigarettes.

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