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After reading the wonderful novel

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After reading the wonderful novel "Robinson Drifting", a tall image always comes to my attention. He is the brave explorer and navigator Robinson. With his tenacious perseverance and never giving up, he realized his dream of sailing.em to see a person standing on the deck of the ship: he gave up the rich and comfortable life, hated the mediocrity of life, and began a big challenge of survival with the death god. All kinds of misfortunes and difficulties did not overwhelm Robinson, but made him stronger. The difficulty that God gave to Robinson was even more challenging for him! storm and tsunami, the entire ship except Robinson is spared, the real survival challenge has just begun! isolated island, he ran for a whole day on the shore in order to find a suitable place to live, and found a shelter under a rock. Robinson set up a tent under the hill, and it was as large as possible. There were several wooden stakes to hang the hammock. The next day, he piled all the boxes, as well as the planks and the wooden rafts Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, into a temporary wall for fortifications Online Cigarettes. But after only a few days, the landslide suddenly occurred. Robinson not only transported the fallen loose soil, but also installed the ceiling. The pillars were supported below, so as to avoid the ce, Robinson accidentally fell in the chaff of the corner Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and even grew green stems. Soon, dozens of spikes grew, which is really a boon to God. Since then, Robinson has planted half of the seeds in the rainy season to test to get more food. In the worst trial, the harvest of barley and rice ears was only half a bucket. However, after this experiment, Robinson became a master of farming. Knowing when to plant, now he knows to plant twice a year and harvest twice Marlboro Gold. Never give up, Robinson has a ratiopbuilding returned home, and Robinson spent several years and countless efforts. It is just a few months to cut trees. However, because the ship was too far away from the beach because of the lack of consideration in advance, he could not get the boat into the water. This time, years of hard work, all hopes are shattered. Until the advent of Friday, this hope was re-nson is a great man, a determined person, and alone in this uninhabited island for 27 years. He dared to fight the harsh environment, work diligently Carton Of Cigarettes, and manage the island in an orderly manner. He exercised himself in adversity and made an extraor can only win if we persist. Only work can make us get out of trouble. Being practical is more important than faith...

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