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Wheel retardation force

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[Feilong Jiangli Edition]

Wheel blocking power mainly comes from 3 aspects:

(1) the structure of the tire itself; between the wheel friction pairs and the braking system.

(2) external factors: vehicle detection, tire and ground friction. The braking force of automobile wheels is reflected by the friction between the tire surface and the brake drum surface when it is running freely. Therefore, the influence of the tire on the braking force is also greater.

(1) If the tread pattern is too deep or obviously damaged, the friction coefficient increases abnormally when the tread roller is running freely, which results in the increase of the friction force which blocks the wheel running.

(2) The rim or hub deforms and loses roundness, making it run irregularly in motion, causing the wheel to rotate unbalanced, causing the wheel to jump and yaw when it rotates, resulting in excessive blocking force.

(3) When the tire pressure is too small, the tire deformation on the hard roller is large, so that the contact area between the tire and the brake roller increases, resulting in the increase of hysteresis loss during rolling, thereby increasing the wheel resistance.

If the diameter of the tire is too small, the depth of the wheel falling into the middle of the two brake drums will increase, and the axle load will tilt forward, which will result in a larger drag force.

(3) assembly factors: wheel friction pairs and brake systems are poorly assembled, increasing friction factor or friction area. (1) during the shunting and shunting of shunting personnel, the speed of the vehicle is fast, which results in the small axle load data and increases the retardation force. (2) The misalignment of the vehicle position on the shunting line leads to the uneven distribution of the axle load between the left and the right, which is the increase of the side block force on the side with more axle load distribution.

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