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The cause of engine carbon deposition and its influence on engine

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The formation of carbon deposition is often caused by carelessness of drivers.

1. adopt the "high speed low speed" bad driving habits.

2. long idle speed and low speed running.

3. the use of purity and quality can not meet the requirements of gasoline.

These bad factors will have different effects on the engine, such as

1. Cold start is difficult, the idle speed of the cold car can not reach the prescribed speed, when serious, the idle speed of the cold car will stall, and the idle speed of the hot car is low.

2. engine power decreases, acceleration is not smooth, fuel consumption increases.

3. The engine exhaust emission becomes worse, and the service life of spark plug, oxygen sensor and ternary catalytic converter will be shortened at the same time.

4. Carbon deposition will also cause engine piston ring stuck, affecting the sealing performance of the piston ring, resulting in increased oil consumption, resulting in engine oil burning, shortening the service life of the engine.

Feilong Jiangli Ltd suggests that you develop good driving habits, do a good job of car maintenance, so that their love life is longer.

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