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Salt spray test

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Salt spray test is mainly used for testing salt spray corrosion resistance of galvanized and color coated products. There are two kinds of salt spray box: two kinds of roof salt spray box and spherical salt spray box. The spherical salt spray testing machine is more reasonable because of its reasonable structure design, the spray in the box is more uniform, but its price is higher, so it is seldom used.

The parameters of salt spray testing machine can not be changed generally. If it needs to be changed, it is necessary to do a comparative tracking test to ensure the accuracy of the test. After the test sample is ready, if the surface is dirty, greasy stains, can be washed with clean water, or wipe cloth to remove, if not removed, the test data can not be referred to, need to be re-sampled.

The sample should not be placed too much in the salt spray box, and the distance between the 1 fingers should be kept between the samples.

To prevent changes in the test settings, the daily amount of fog should be recorded.

When the salt spray test is taken out regularly for observation, only clean water can be used to wash and air-dry the surface of the sample. Do not wipe the surface of the sample with a dishcloth, because the dishcloth will remove the surface white rust.

The position of the sample in the salt mist box should not be fixed. The position of the sample in the salt mist box should be changed after each observation.

When the salt spray test machine is disused for a long time, the water in the salt spray box should be released. At the same time, the water in the saturated pail should also be released.

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