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Tiffany Yuan

Deformation failure mechanism of automobile parts

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Deformation failure mechanism of automobile parts

1) Definition: Deformation is defined as the change of the size and shape of a part due to the action of load or internal stress during its use. Deformation is an important cause of parts failure, such as crankshaft, clutch friction disc, transmission shaft and spindle.

2) classification of deformation failure: elastic deformation failure, plastic deformation failure and creep failure.

3) factors affecting the deformation of automotive parts

Deformation failure of parts except metal materials, design stiffness and manufacturing process related to the installation of improper fastening or work has obvious overload phenomenon humidity: with the increase of working temperature, the strength of materials will also decline, so at higher temperatures working parts are prone to deformation of the deformation clutch piece warping deformation brake drum, exhaust manifold changes For foundations, there is internal stress due to imperfect ageing treatment during casting, which causes deformation due to stress redistribution in application, and incorrect repair techniques or methods, such as welding thermal stress.

Feilong jiangli will update analysis of more auto parts failure models.


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