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The flood slaps the masonry wall and

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The flood slaps the masonry wall and seems to have spirituality to enter the cemetery, and is blocked by the silver piece. I have never seen this scene. Everyone actually believes that this is the ancestor of the ancestors. I don��t know, the silver piece is actually a fine silver scorpion, and it has been a dragon for a thousand years. It has already become a dragon, but it has been delayed. Day and night guarding the cemetery, the loyalty to the mausoleum can be seen. The flood continued for seven days, and during the period, the water volume did not increase and did not enter the cemetery. After seven days, the amount of water plummeted, and the silver-streaked giant clam was also displayed beside the cemetery. Although the silver carp has become a fairy Marlboro Menthol 100S, how can it not eat in the water for seven days, and to block the water outside the cemetery? This silver-scale giant python had already exhausted and died five days later, and although there was an increase in water potential, it was afraid of its power rs are surrounded by silver plaques and look at their bodies. There are dozens of large and small holes. The villagers know their great grace and know their loyalty. It was decided to bury the silver scale python in the cemetery, and choose another day to bury the new tomb next to the tomb of Taizu Cheap Cigarettes. Since then, people often see the image of the silver dragon sky. After a few years, there are no more water cemeteries, and the water will be diverted.The hillside of the head, the chrysanthemums are open, some are broken, a little bit of broken chrysanthemum petals accompanying the autumn wind flying in the air, chaotic snow, beautiful as the moon. I accidentally discovered the existence of a hillside. It was spring, the green grass was everywhere, colorful wildflowers dotted this green carpet, the butterfly naughty flies in midair, the beautiful face of the hi on enjoy the happiness that autumn brings to me. The wind blew, the small chrysanthemums that opened early on the cheeks swayed, the petals wiped my cheeks, soft, soft, itchy, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Suddenly, there was a footstep of "Shasha", and I held my breath and my eyes were looking outward Cigarettes Online. The uninvited guest who came in today, I can't help but frown. "Is it bothering you?" There was a sweet voice behind me. I couldn't help but turn my head. A girl stood behind me, shofar, big eyes, a basket of wild chrysanthemums, just the old clothes. She didn't match her very much. She smiled. She smiled very cute. She showed two small dimples on her face. It was like... It was like a wild chrysanthemum in the fall. I looked so tired, and the girl looked at me doubtfully. I reached out and shook my eyes. I shook my head and looked at her dissatisfied Carton Of Marlboro Reds. The girl was still a bright smile Newport Cigarettes Coupons, as if it would never disappear. She is by my side, watching the blue sky with me. "What is your name?" I asked. "My name is blossoming." The blossoming looked at me and smiled. "Oh." inseparable. Duo often looked at me in a red dress, trying to reach out and touch, but did not dare, I smiled and said: "Flower, do you like it?" Dodging nodded, shook his head again "When you are on your birthday, I will give it to you." I vowed to say, blossoming and looking at me in surprise, I patted her hand, definitely nodded, and blossomed happily, she never Through the skirt. However, I can't wait to send a flowery skirt, Mom and Dad took me away, we are going to the big city. Sitting on the bus, my tears continued to flow down, making my father and mother rushed, and finally made me quiet. I put my head out of the window, I saw a bunch of wildflowers rushing to me, her eyes were red, one was not paying attention, a stone fell and blossomed, "Flower!" I loudly Cried, the tea I promised to blossom and give her a red dress. However, the blossoming was gone, and her mother and dad took her home. I came back to the hillside, everything on the hillside was still so familiar, but I couldn��t see the figure that I once had with the blossoming hand...

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