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Have you envisioned the future? The future world

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Have you envisioned the future? The future world is illusory, but I believe that the future will be a world of science, civilization and comfort. And at any time, the house will be the focus of public discussion. Let me talk about what my future future house is like. beautiful and chic house floats on the endless sea. The white roof is like a soft, soft marshmallow, and it is like a sweet and crunchy almond sugar flake. It becomes warm and clean under the sunlight. The walls are made of translucent orange glass, giving a sweet and happy atmosphere.e house is drifting smoothly as the sea flows. Because at the bottom of the house, it not only contains a super strong waterproof layer, but also contains a huge suction force, which can be attracted to each other through the seawater and the seabed floor, so as to keep the house drifting smoothly at sea. Everything in the house is determined by touch, avoiding unnecessary trouble. There is no electric light in the whole house, only the orange glass breaks down the sunlight into soft light to illuminate all corners of the room. A person living in a drifting room at sea can place a chair on the roof. You can take all the different seaside scenery to the bottom of your eyes without lying on the chair. If you are not satisfied with this dull life, you can also set the house into a surf form, which will definitely make people feel different passion. the future, there is no dream of dreams; the future is the sail of technology control; the future is also a judgment on the efforts made today. Realize the future and beautify the future.One day, the poem was bathed in the bathroom Marlboro Red 100S. After washing, dry it and prepare to go out. Suddenly, there was a vicissitude in the bathroom: "Let me out! Let me out!" Shi Yi was very scared and shouted: "Who are you? Don't be kidding! Come out!" "I didn't lie to you, I am in the mirror." "So how shoul", the mirror is broken, and there is a floating inside. The little girl who floats, she said: "Thank you, my master, you let me regain freedom. What you say later, I will help you!" "Really?" The poem is dubious Parliament Cigarettes, saying "Then you shrink the globe ten times!" said, taking the globe out. The little girl drilled back into the mirror. In a short while, she took out the globe ten times smaller Newport Cigarettes Coupons, which m to buy a small mirror that you can carry with you. When you need me, call my name. - Xiaoyin. From then on, when poetry needs help Wholesale Cigarettes, Jingxian can immediately come to help. However, the good times are not long, and the poems with mirrors are proud of this, as if others are lower than her, always hanging high. In the past, she liked to help others, but now, she is screaming at herself with mirrors and other people as slaves. Those who need help are not only sympathetic, but also always sneer at her. Jing Xian was also fed up. One night, Jing Xian told her that she was leaving her. The poem shouted loudly: "What!? You are not saying that I am your master? How can I be unfaithful to the master?" "But I was interested in the kind poetry, and I gave my magic. She, but she not only did not grow, but also regressed a lot, I don't want to follow this kind of master!" Then he flew back into the mirror and never came out again. The poems that lost Jingxian were very regretful. She regretted why she had become so selfish. Unconsciously, Shiyi changed back to the previous poetry, and Jingxian returned to her side Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Since then, Shi Yi and Jing Xian have cooperated to help more people. Shiyi has also been famous since then, because her deeds have touched all the people of the world. Even the aliens know that there is a girl on the earth called Shiyi.

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