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  3. First of all, look at the performance of the car is good or bad, mainly to see the exhaust pipe, once found in the exhaust pipe water droplets, you can judge such a car is still good, in the engine combustion is very safe, fuel consumption is good, exhaust emissions are relatively small, many people will feel very strange, how from the exhaust pipe water droplets You know. The main function of the exhaust pipe of the automobile is that the engine can be discharged after burning. The exhaust gas is good or bad, so you can see the state of the engine when burning. The phenomenon of exhaust pipe dripping is the engine combustion is very complete performance, no black gas emissions, you can prove that the performance of the car engine is good. Under the normal working condition of the engine, the material discharged is water vapor and carbon dioxide. If the engine is well sealed, when the gas is burning, high-temperature water vapor enters the engine and is discharged from the exhaust pipe, which is the process of gas becoming liquid, thus water droplets. If there is no water drop in the exhaust pipe, it means that the fuel is not fully burned, or the engine is not sealed enough. Of course, not only all the exhaust pipe will drop water, once the cooling water into the combustion chamber, it may increase the moisture content in the tail gas, there will be a phenomenon of exhaust pipe dripping, there are dozens of exhaust pipe dripping a lot of water, will affect the work of the exhaust pipe sensor, for the exhaust pipe corrosion, very bad.
  4. The engine is realized by the circulation of coolant. The component of the forced circulation of coolant is a water pump, which is driven by a crankshaft belt to promote the circulation of coolant throughout the system. Specializing in the production of water pumps for 40 years Feilongjiang Li's latest product - electric water pumps, it can accurately control the pump speed, and effectively reduce the loss of output power. The cooling of these coolants on the engine should be adjusted at any time according to the working conditions of the engine. When the engine temperature is low, the coolant circulates inside the engine itself. When the engine temperature is high, the coolant circulates between the engine and the radiator. The thermostat is used to control the coolant in different cycles. The thermostat can be regarded as a valve, its principle is to use materials that can be flexible with the temperature (paraffin or ether and so on) as a switch valve, when the water temperature is high material expansion top open valve, coolant for a large cycle, when the water temperature is low material shrinkage closed valve, coolant small cycle.
  5. The greater the damping force of the shock absorber, the faster the vibration is reduced, but the effect of the parallel elastic elements can not be fully exerted. At the same time, the excessive damping force may also lead to damage to the connecting parts and frame of the shock absorber. In order to solve this contradiction between elastic elements and shock absorbers, the following requirements are put forward for shock absorbers. (1) In the compression stroke of the suspension, the damping force of the shock absorber should be small so as to make full use of the elasticity of the elastic elements to mitigate the impact. (2) In the suspension stretching stroke (the distance between the bridge and the frame) the damping force of the shock absorber should be large in order to reduce the vibration rapidly. (3) When the relative speed between the axle (or wheel) and the frame is too high, the shock absorber should be able to automatically increase the area of the liquid flow passage, so that the damping force is always within a certain limit to avoid excessive impact load. Cylinder shock absorber is widely used in automobile suspension system, and it can reduce vibration in compression and stretching stroke. It is called bidirectional action shock absorber, and a new type of shock absorber is adopted, which includes air-filled shock absorber and resistance adjustable shock absorber.
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  7. Engine cooling water pump is the main part of the cooling system of automobile engine. Its function is to force the cooling fluid in the engine to circulate in the cooling system and reduce the influence of high temperature on the engine during the working process of the engine. Water seal is the core of the work of the pump. The movement of the water seal itself is very simple, just rotates with the shaft. . Water seal, pump body and bearing are super-hard matching mechanical seals. This kind of seals is composed of static rings and dynamic rings, which are perpendicular to the shaft, and the smooth and straight surface of each other, and do relative rotation. Coolant movement in the pump is very complex, different types of water seals, using different types of coolant, if the water package is equipped with problems, the engine coolant will appear seepage, then the pump bearing lubrication will be washed away, the entire pump function will be invalid. There are two main types of water seals: one is separated (rotating ring parts and static ring parts are respectively installed on the pump), the other is integrated (rotating ring parts and static ring parts are first installed together, and then installed on the pump), separated water seals are mainly used in larger pumps, now commonly used is integrated water seals.
  8. Today, we learn the fifth categories of automotive rubber products: Rubber pipe products are used in the chassis, engine and body of the three parts, for oil transportation, gas transmission, drive, control, brake, cooling and heating seven systems of rubber pipe, play a role in fuel supply, gas supply, water supply and power transfer. The types of hoses include fuel pipe, water conveying hose, brake hose, vacuum hose, air conditioning hose, radiator hose, power steering hose and special branch hose. In addition, the last major category of automotive rubber products is other products, the main varieties of brake film, leather bowl and dust shield.
  9. Automobile rubber products can be divided into six categories: tires, sealants, shock absorbers, tape products, rubber tube products and other products (such as wipers, fenders, adhesives, sealants and interior decoration products). Today's first category: auto tires: The tire is one of the important parts of the automobile, it contacts with the road directly, and works with the automobile suspension to alleviate the impact when the automobile is running, to ensure that the automobile has good ride comfort and ride comfort; to ensure that the wheel and road surface have good adhesion, improve the traction, braking and passing of the automobile; to withstand the weight of the automobile; The importance of tire in automobile has attracted more and more attention. Nowadays, the main components of most automobile tire materials are natural rubber or synthetic rubber. The comprehensive performance of natural rubber is superior to that of synthetic rubber, so the advanced tire uses natural rubber. In order to make rubber have the properties required to make tires, it is necessary to infiltrate different chemical materials into the rubber, namely chemical additives. One of the most important additives is carbon black, because carbon has a special adsorption, carbon particles and rubber molecules bond very well, making the rubber hardness, strength and grindability. Because carbon black and rubber are basically equal, the main material from the car tire is actually a rubber and carbon black composite material.
  10. To determine the value in this technology, undertook a study in September 2018 of 254 manufacturing professionals. We asked respondents about the level of production monitoring in their environments as well as their performance across several metrics including: OEE Meeting scheduled deliveries Machine uptime Scrap/rework rates Quality This report provides insight into the connection between more sophisticated production monitoring approaches and OEE and other metrics. Request Free! View the full article
  11. Without quality content, you would not be able to make your online business sustain on the internet. Content is the key to success if you want your business to earn a reputable position on famous search engines. The globalization of today’s world is making every new startup and business to opt internet as a means of setting up their business propositions. Search engines rely on good quality content therefore; you need to have a way of generating content on a regular basis. The recommended approach is to look for a ghostwriter for hire and work with them to acquire content befitting your preferences. Has anyone here done the same for their website content?
  12. It��s so tired, I still have to worry about the students from time to time. As a lady who loves beauty, doing more masks can't make up the original white skin. Then everyone will ask me Cigarettes Cheaper, why do you want to do this unrewarding career? Tell you! I often see some students smoking, fighting, going to the game room, not thinking about it, not returning home at night, I am heartbroken, I feel that I am silently watching them not able to read at a young age, wandering outside, and even develop bad behavior, One by one, entering the police station, it is better to cultivate their hearts, let them understand the truth Marlboro Red, develop good habits, and make them beneficial to society. If I really become a teacher, I want to make my class fascinating and let the children linger in the ocean of knowledge. I also want to contact parents and the community to pay attention to the growth of the children, to organize interesting and useful activities, to let the children enjoy and grow up healthily.teachers can't make big money. But when the meaning of the people's teacher is not here, the teacher is just a name. The real meaning is to help everyone, let him have knowledge; help everyone, let him embark on the ladder of success. This is my biggest dream. "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday, will you remember tomorrow, the one you loved the most..." A beautiful "You at the same table", accompanied by a slight breeze, passed to my ear . I am thinking about the composition, I heard this song, could not help but put down the pen, remembering the beautiful, happy time three years ago. remember when I was in the third grade, the teacher was afraid that I didn't study well in the boys' pile, so I turned them into your desk. At the same table, you are a girl, Liu Yemei, thick eyebrows, mushroom head, is your obvious sign. But in my judgment, this must be a girl who loves to make a small report, or ignore it, so as not to cause trouble.emember one day, the math teacher got angry, because our class work in the whole class, only you are right at the same table. Looking at the big table at the same table, you have a big "excellent," and then look at the "good" on my own book, "I can't help but feel a bit cold." When I just wanted to ask you how to do this at the same table Marlboro Lights, I suddenly remembered: "I am a math class representative, a man of righteousness, how can I ask a girl a question?"nt an ant on a hot pot, looking around and looking for help from the boys, but they just licked their hair, looked at the problem, and sighed; holding their foreheads. At this moment, you seem to look at the car in my inner anxiety, ask: "Hurry up and write, you can't pay it later! Right, can you not write?" I rushed you That bitter smile, helplessly rubbed his hair and nodded. I thought you would laugh at me, and a math class representative will not do it, shame. So I put the homework very low and the head is almost vertical. Unexpectedly, you opened the homework book at the same table, and compared my homework book, saying: "Look, you have a problem with this question..." At that time, I had already stopped, until When I finished speaking, I only came back to God, and nodded as if I understood it. "Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me with this question." I replied somewhat shyly. I am like an ant on a lonely leaf, turning to the waterfall in front of me and jumping on a life-saving straw. "Nothing, nothing, isn't it a problem? It's good to learn more in the future!" You replied cheerfully, and there was a slight twist in the cheerful laughter. Look at you again Newport Cigarettes Price, still Liu Yemei, thick eyebrows, mushroom head, but then in the language class, you and me at the same table are rushing to speak up; I remember whether it was noisy because of several math problems; I remembered that I was "lifting the bar" with you at the same table; After winning the award Cigarette Online, you asked me to buy a new book. But these times will always pass, because now it is already in the sixth grade, it is the last year of the primary school career, we should separate, leave...
  13. "Learn from Lei Feng's good example, Chairman Mao's teachings, and wholeheartedly for the people, the morality of communism is more noble." This song sang the live Lei Feng in the minds of thousands of people. And he is the model of living Lei Feng in the hearts of modern people - Guo Mingyi. the teacher led us tongyi is an ordinary iron ore mining worker. His house with his wife and daughter is only 40 square meters. But for many years, helping people who are more difficult than him has become his habit Carton Of Marlboro Reds.hole film, what I am most moved and deeply touched is still a story like this:to help a leukemia person Wholesale Cigarettes, Guo Mingyi worked tirelessly and willingly went around in order to give the child a bone marrow transplant. Although the road was long, he couldn't even take care of himself in order to get a little clue. Finally, he looked for three years Cigarettes Cheaper, foundpirit of Guo Mingyi deserves our praise. As long as he meets someone who has difficulties, he will be obliged to help others and do their best Newport Cigarettes. But Guo Mingyi in life is a diligent and simple person. He gave a birthday present to his wife who had lived for 28 years. It was actually a twenty-eight dollar ring.ngyi is such a person. He always looks at other people and needs what he needs; he always asks himself what else he can do. Every coin he gave, every drop of blood was hot and hot. The more ordinary he is, the more extraordinary he is; the simpler, the simpler the greatness. saying that is good: Who said Lei Feng went? Please see Guo Mingyi. Enthusiastic and enthusiastic, full of angereacher is very beautiful, with big eyes, long hair, and a small mouth like a cherry. Although he is very strict with us, it is good for us!y, our class and Li Wei did not come to school. The teacher called his parents, but his parents said they had gone to school. The teacher was very anxious at the time. She did not teach us at all. She went out to find Li Wei. The teacher came back in the afternoon, and it turned out that Li Wei had skipped school and played. Instead of saying him, the teacher gave him reason. One of the sentences I still remember is still fresh��you are the hope of your parents. Are you living up to their hopes for you? It was that sentence that inspired me. At that time, I vowed in my heart that I must study hard. I am the hope of my parents!teacher, thank you, if you are not Newport 100S, I may not be able to study now.
  14. [Feilong Jiangli Products] Movement of engine during start and stop fire (1) Jitter during speed operation (2) engine vibration at high speed (3) vehicle body vibration caused by road surface impact (4) shaking of large torque (5) impact caused by torque changes when starting or changing speed (6) interference and damage caused by excessive dislocation The vibration frequency acting on the engine mount is very extensive. According to the vibration frequency, vibration can be divided into high-frequency vibration and low frequency vibration. (1) torque ripple of engine at low speed (2) when the engine is running at low speed, the vibration of the powertrain is caused by inertia force and its force couple. (3) tire vibration caused by poor tire dynamic balance when rotating (4) vibration caused by road roughness (5) Vibration of power plant caused by additional couple and thrust due to poor operation of coupling of transmission system The high frequency vibration source with frequency higher than 30Hz is as follows (1) Vibration of power assembly due to inertial force and couple during high speed operation of engine (2) vibration generated at variable speeds (3) the vibration of combustion caused by the pressure pulsation (4) the vibration of combustion caused by the pressure pulsation (5) crankshaft flexure and torsional vibration (6) bending vibration and torsional vibration of Powertrain (7) vibration caused by imbalance of transmission shaft
  15. Dry powder medicine is becoming increasingly popular as it is easier to store in hostile (dry, remote, dangerous) regions for an extended period of time the efficiency of the delivery can be vastly improved with well-designed equipment. The interaction between the active pharmaceutical ingredient, its carrier and the inhaler to deliver the correct dosage in the respiratory system remains a challenge. The combination of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) together with discrete element modeling (DEM) is essential to design a dry powder inhaler (DPI) which is robust, easy-to-use and deliver the medicine to the bronchial pipe of the target population, despite its humane variability and possible pathologies. Join this webinar to understand how coupling Rocky DEM with ANSYS Fluent makes it possible to understand solid particle trajectories, to optimize the DPI design, and validate the proper delivery of particles in a patient-specific respiratory tree geometry. Request Free! View the full article
  16. [Feilong Jiangli rubber products series] In the guiding device of suspension system (such as swing arm, rear axle, etc.), more and more hinge points connected with the body are connected by rubber sleeve. Rubber axle sleeve has become an indispensable component in automobiles because of its good vibration isolation performance, elastic characteristics and attenuation characteristics. Characteristics of rubber bushing 1. Since the shape of rubber parts has more freedom of choice, the stiffness of three directions (axial, radial, torsional) can be properly selected. 2. It can be vulcanized firmly with metal, simplifying the structure of fixing and supporting. Therefore, any of the three directions can be used to support the load. 3. The elastic modulus of rubber is smaller than that of metal, which can produce greater elastic deformation. 4. The internal friction of rubber is larger than that of metal and tends to increase with the increase of frequency. Therefore, the resonance amplitude can be reduced by using rubber sleeve. when rubber is at low temperature, the dynamic elastic coefficient will rise sharply. Therefore, when choosing the rubber bushing material, we should strive to improve the material's high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance and so on.
  17. Recently, according to the recall announcement issued by the official website of the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection (AQSIQ), Geishi Automobile has sorted out the situation of domestic automobile recalls in September 2018. The results show that there were 17 automobile recall announcements in September this year, involving 65 kinds of automobile models of 15 automobile enterprises, with a total recall of 4,110,864 vehicles, and the number of recalls compared with 351 in August. 370 cars increased by 1069.95%. The problem airbag incident subsided after a wave of recalls in July, with 53 vehicles recalled in September involving only one brand of Beijing Mercedes-Benz. Recall, SUV, SAIC GM, GAC Honda, September recall, recall The number of recalls in September ranked the top three in terms of vehicle suspension recalls, involving 3.327 million vehicles; engine recalls, involving a total of 8 vehicles, involving 489,000; air conditioning recalls, involving a total of 139,000 vehicles. As a supplier of engine parts for Ford and Mazda, Feilong Jiangli has been in a stable and good condition.
  18. Local media learned from the Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu Province that Changan Auto will set up a manufacturing base in the province to build new energy vehicles. The total annual capacity of the new base will be 240,000 units and the output of the first phase will be 120,000 per year. The base is slated to start production from 2020. Zhang Baolin, chairman of Changan Auto, once revealed that Changan will complete the building of three platforms exclusive for new energy vehicles before 2020. The Chongqing-based automaker plans to launch 21 battery electric vehicle models, 12 plug-in hybrid electric models by 2025; As an excellent supplier of Chang'an Chongqing base, Feilongjiang strives to cater to the development plan of Chang'an, and develops new electronic products such as electronic water pump, alternating electronic pump, electronic oil pump, thermal management module, etc.. After the operation of the new base, Changan will make all-new compact electric cars, compact electric SUVs, high-performance electric coupe models and electric crossover SUVs. Currently, Changan has launched several new energy vehicle models such as Changan EADO EV, Changan CS75 PHEV. Last year, Changan announced its Shangri-La Plan and said that it will start to ban the sales of traditional fuel-powered vehicles in 2025 and invest RMB 100 billion in new energy vehicle segment.
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  20. surveyed 234 product development professionals in 2018 about their challenges and processes. The results were conclusive. Getting products to market on time was the biggest challenge they faced. But not all teams performed poorly. In this webinar we’ll share the secrets of the top teams versus the poorer performers. We will dig into the reasons why time to market continues to be such a challenge, including systemic problems such as: Late stage design changes Ordering wrong parts Using wrong versions of a file While attendees might be able to guess at some of the system and process problems that delay product launches, this research is bound to reveal a few surprises. Request Free! View the full article
  21. This white paper focuses on the pains of a manual paper system, the quality/compliance concerns around the device history record lifecycle, and how an automated system alleviates such pains and concerns. Request Free! View the full article
  22. Speeding up the nationalization of Sla's $145 million land bid Tesla is fighting for a piece of land worth $145 million (about 1 billion yuan) for its Shanghai plant. Tesla is understood to be the only bidder for the land, and the Shanghai government could conclude a deal with Tesla as early as this month. When the bidding is successful, Tesla will build a plant on the land with an annual capacity of 500,000 cars. It is understood that the Shanghai plant expects to invest about $2 billion to make its annual capacity of 250 thousand cars.
  23. surveyed 234 product development professionals to find out. We were a bit surprised to find out how many teams reported failing against these goals. When we analyzed the results, we found a strong correlation between reported success in product development and the types of systems and processes they used. Here are a few more insights: The biggest frustration that product teams reported was a failure to deliver new products on time Teams who reported failure at delivering products on time were 3.8X more likely to express dissatisfaction with their systems for accessing product information for quick decision making Teams who reported poor performance at product innovation were 6X more likely to say that they were dissatisfied with their ability to collaborate with other members of their product development team The data supporting these findings is presented in charts and graphics in this 16 page report. Request Free! View the full article
  24. Tiffany Yuan

    Volvo's sales growth in China

    Volvo continued to maintain strong sales momentum in September, with global sales up 12.9% from the same period last year, according to Volvo's official website sales data. Volvo sold 60,622 vehicles last month, boosted by sales growth in key areas such as the United States, China and Europe. Volvo sold 472,553 vehicles worldwide in the first nine months of this year, up 14.3% from a year earlier, more than the year-round total of 465,866 vehicles in 2014, and 2014 was a record year for Volvo. Volvo's strong performance in 1-9 has made it possible to achieve record sales for five consecutive years. In 2017, the company had a total sales volume of 571577 vehicles worldwide.
  25. On Oct. 5, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Japan should take additional measures to reduce Japan's $40 billion auto trade surplus with the United States, and the U.S. Commerce Department will continue to investigate whether imported vehicles and parts pose a threat to national security. In an interview, Ross said the "best way" to solve Japan's auto trade surplus was to shift production to the United States. Ross declined to respond to whether the United States would seek voluntary restrictions on auto exports from Japan in trade negotiations. "Negotiations will determine the methodology we adopt and there are many ways to solve the problem," Ross said. We want to increase the capacity of all goods in the United States, which is our demand for all. "
  26. Geely Auto announced that after the October 5 trading period, the subsidiary Zhejiang Power Fit, which indirectly owns 99% of the equity, bought two engine companies for $1.265 billion, which are owned by Zhejiang Geely, its parent company. According to the announcement, Zhejiang Power has agreed to buy Taizhou Engine under a Taizhou acquisition agreement. Zhejiang Power has agreed to buy Taizhou Engine. Taizhou Engine has agreed to sell all the registered capital of Taizhou Target Company at a cash cost of 781 million yuan. Taizhou Engine is wholly owned by Zhejiang Geely, the parent company of Geely Automobile. Mainly engaged in technical research and development, technical advisory services, manufacturing and sales of automotive engines and provide after-sales services in China. On the same day, Zhejiang Power and Guiyang Engine signed a Guizhou acquisition agreement, Zhejiang Power has conditional agreement to buy, and Guiyang Engine has conditional agreement to sell all the registered capital of Guizhou Target Company, the cash cost is 484 million yuan, and Guiyang Engine is owned by Zhejiang Geely and a third party independent of Geely, respectively. 88.64% and 11.36% of the company's equity, mainly engaged in technology research and development, technical advisory services, manufacturing and sales of automotive engines and after-sales services in China.
  27. Centrifugal pumps are widely used in automobile engines. The basic structure consists of a pump house, a connecting plate or a belt pulley, a water pump shaft and a bearing or shaft bearing, a pump impeller and a water seal, etc., The water pump is the main component of the automobile. The engine drives the pump bearing and the impeller rotation through the belt pulley, while the pump coolant is driven together by the impeller rotation. Under the action of centrifugal force, the coolant is flung to the edge of the water pump house, which creates a certain pressure and then flows out of the channel or water pipe. When the coolant is thrown out, the pressure at the center of the impeller is reduced. The coolant in the water tank is sucked into the impeller by the water pipe under the difference pressure between the pump inlet and the impeller center to realize the reciprocating cycle of the cooling liquid. The grease which should be prevented from the leakage of coolant is used for lubricating on the shaft bearings. The grease leakage should be prevented at the same time. The seals and gaskets are used for preventing leakage of water pump. Feilong water pump,to build a century brand, help your loved cars.
  28. The wish is water, although it is not eye-catching, but going can bring us happiness. Everyone has a wish, some are like a goshawk flying in the sky, some are like the grass of the park, no matter how you know? Money is not omnipotent, but no money is impossible. Maybe money can't buy friendship, can't buy love, can't buy family, but it can bring joy and smile to those who need it. do I have this wish? Someone will say, "Why not? There will be a rich dream in the hearts of the women!" The starting value is from my parents and a born into a family that is not wealthy. There are four children in my family. I am the boss. Every day my parents are up and working when they are bright. The days are dark, and the parents of other families are watching TV and playing games with the children Cigarettes Online, but they are still working hard. Now I am in the sixth grade. My parents can work harder in the middle school. I work harder than ever Marlboro Red 100S. My mother is only thirty-two years old Newport Cigarettes Website, but wrinkles have already climbed her face. The original silky hands have become Such as scouring pad is generally rough. The father is only thirty-four, but all day is backache, the original daddy is now like a balloon. It's all because of money Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. If I have money that I can't finish, then Mom and Dad don't have to work hard. Money, all because I don't have money, I don't have the ability to let my mom and dad live a good the Wenchuan Earthquake, many people did not sleep and eat. Many children and my big children lost their parents, did not have the opportunity to go to school, watched their thirst for learning, and their thirst for happiness. I am touched. I have to make a lot of money to make my family and those who are unfortunate live a happy life.e is no such thing as falling in the sky. If you want money, I must study hard. Only then can I make everyone happy!is my wish, although it is like a small grit, but I think this is the greatest wealth in my life Newport Cigarettes.
  29. After reading the wonderful novel "Robinson Drifting", a tall image always comes to my attention. He is the brave explorer and navigator Robinson. With his tenacious perseverance and never giving up, he realized his dream of sailing.em to see a person standing on the deck of the ship: he gave up the rich and comfortable life, hated the mediocrity of life, and began a big challenge of survival with the death god. All kinds of misfortunes and difficulties did not overwhelm Robinson, but made him stronger. The difficulty that God gave to Robinson was even more challenging for him! storm and tsunami, the entire ship except Robinson is spared, the real survival challenge has just begun! isolated island, he ran for a whole day on the shore in order to find a suitable place to live, and found a shelter under a rock. Robinson set up a tent under the hill, and it was as large as possible. There were several wooden stakes to hang the hammock. The next day, he piled all the boxes, as well as the planks and the wooden rafts Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, into a temporary wall for fortifications Online Cigarettes. But after only a few days, the landslide suddenly occurred. Robinson not only transported the fallen loose soil, but also installed the ceiling. The pillars were supported below, so as to avoid the ce, Robinson accidentally fell in the chaff of the corner Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and even grew green stems. Soon, dozens of spikes grew, which is really a boon to God. Since then, Robinson has planted half of the seeds in the rainy season to test to get more food. In the worst trial, the harvest of barley and rice ears was only half a bucket. However, after this experiment, Robinson became a master of farming. Knowing when to plant, now he knows to plant twice a year and harvest twice Marlboro Gold. Never give up, Robinson has a ratiopbuilding returned home, and Robinson spent several years and countless efforts. It is just a few months to cut trees. However, because the ship was too far away from the beach because of the lack of consideration in advance, he could not get the boat into the water. This time, years of hard work, all hopes are shattered. Until the advent of Friday, this hope was re-nson is a great man, a determined person, and alone in this uninhabited island for 27 years. He dared to fight the harsh environment, work diligently Carton Of Cigarettes, and manage the island in an orderly manner. He exercised himself in adversity and made an extraor can only win if we persist. Only work can make us get out of trouble. Being practical is more important than faith...
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