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3D Printing for End-Use Production

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Yet these parts are often little more than conceptual show-and-tell models, not durable enough for long-term use, and in some cases prone to degradation by sunlight. 

The winds of manufacturing are beginning to shift, however, and industrial-grade 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is now encroaching on machining, injection molding, and other conventional manufacturing processes. This white paper explores the new and existing technology leaders in this area, and assesses the capabilities of production for each major 3D printing process. 

In this white paper you will learn: 

  • Why 3D printing should be immediately adopted for production.
  • What 3D printing technologies are available and the individual strengths that each technology brings to 3D printing.
  • What the future holds for additive manufacturing and how near that future is to becoming reality.

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