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Manufacturing In The Age Of Experience - Delivering Personalized, Emotional Experiences For Customers

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w_dasa63c.gif Responding to this consumer demand for personalization, businesses in the Age of Experience are ushering in a revolution of manufacturing innovation, transforming from mass production to mass customization—the proverbial “one-off order.” Today’s manufacturing is:
  • Creative, enabling new business models with cost-effective mass customization
  • Smart, improving speed and agility with real-time learning
  • Value, connecting value streams end-to-end from ideation through manufacturing to ownership
  • Human, empowering collaboration and augmenting human creativity
The digitalization of manufacturing brings new levels of collaboration, using big data analytics, real-time data acquisition and digital continuity from ideation to design to production and even to ownership. By embracing technology advances (such as 3D printing, Internet of Things, robotics) with a mindset of continuous improvement and competitive agility, businesses can drive value, meet market demands and deliver unique, one-to-one experiences for everyone.

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