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When to 3D Print In-House and When to Outsource

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This means the design can be communicated easily to customers and business partners, allowing designers to use feedback to quickly iterate the product. Whereas visual prototypes can be used for marketing and sales purposes, functional prototypes can be user-tested and revised to ensure that it fulfills the design intent. 

Once a business decides to begin using this technology, the firm then needs to decide whether it plans to print their prototypes using an outside 3D printing service bureau, in-house using industrial machines, or in-house using desktop 3D printers. 

This six-page whitepaper will teach you: 

  • The differences between service bureaus, industrial 3D printers and desktop 3D printers
  • The pros and cons of each method
  • What questions to ask to decide which 3D printing method is best for your business

Request Free!

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