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A Cost-Effective Model-Based Approach for Developing ISO 26262 Compliant Automotive Safety Related Applications

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As a result, engineers of active and passive safety systems within cars must take this standard into consideration when developing automotive safety applications. 

To streamline the process, it may be possible to employ a model-based approach for embedded software controls in these systems, including automatic and certified code generation, that meets the requirements of ISO 26262. 

This white paper presents an approach for the development of ISO 26262 [1] compliant software applications based on Model-Based Design (MBD) and certified Automatic Code Generation (ACG). 

This 15-page whitepaper will teach you: 

  • About the ISO 26262 standard and its requirements
  • How code can be generated to meet this standard
  • How automatic code generation fits into a model-based design approach
  • How software verification and validation can be performed to ensure the standard is met

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