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Justifying A 3D Printer Investment for Rapid Prototyping

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These professionals are already keenly aware of how the technology can be used to quickly, easily and cost-effectively produce models, prototypes and patterns during the product development process. 

Convincing management, however, can be another story. 

More often than not, companies see prototyping as an expense, rather than an investment. This means there may be no budget to allow for purchasing a 3D printer. Without proper justification, a 3D printer purchase can be portrayed as negatively impacting a company’s bottom line. 

Therefore, the tangible financial benefits of investment in a 3D printer must be successfully laid out to management if a purchase is to be justified. 

In this 18-page white paper, you will learn about the following as they relate to 3D printer purchases: 

  • Justification strategies
  • Building financial justification
  • Real-world examples of successful 3D printer purchases and applications

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