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Industrial IoT (IIoT) - Where is Silicon Valley?

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The Industrial Internet-of-things (IIOT) has a projected market forecast of over $40 billion, with a projected forecast of $100 billion by 2020. In the process of reaching this lofty figure, it will be necessary to convert volumes of factory data into actionable information throughout the entire manufacturing supply chain. 

As the IIOT evolves, with hundreds of thousands of sensors already deployed across the global supply chain already, who are the leading companies driving this development? And what role is Silicon Valley playing? 

This 9-page white paper will provide an illustrative map of the IIOT market, including: 

  • Which companies are developing IIOT software?
  • What players represent the sensor and actuator segment of the industry?
  • Who are the cloud service providers?
  • Which firms are filling the IoT and intelligent gateway niche?
  • Who is targeting machine-to-machine communication hardware?
  • What are the IIOT payoffs?

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