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3 STEM Careers Infographics

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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  These are at the heart of any technology occupation.  Which should you prepare for?  And while they are all related, they also differ significantly from one another, both in the employment expectations and in educational requirements. Add to that the fact that not all STEM jobs pay the same or have the same promise of stability.  Which one should you pursue?  These infographics tell you what you need to know to make a useful career decision.  Starting a new career?  These infographics give you the information that will point you in the right direction, letting you match your career goals with realistic career expectations. 

The infographics provide you with the important statistics and evaluation.  They cover:

  • Growth rate between 2017 and 2027
  • Break outs of specific technological occupations (Research Scientist vs Computer Programmer)
  • Provide expected median pay by occupation
  • Provides top rankings in employment, pay, and locations

Download the infographics and get a clearer look at your future.  

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