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  2. This revolutionary technology is producing a broader range of materials, faster and more efficiently than ever before — greatly impacting the product development process and adding value to businesses. This article dives deeper into the evolving role of 3D printing and how it can improve part-design flexibility, reduce lead times and create smarter, customized product designs. Request Free! View the full article
  3. In fact, innovative products are now critical to the success of future-thinking companies — 52 percent of companies developing smart products fear they’ll lose market share unless they continue to make products smarter. There are, however, unique challenges that come with perfecting development processes and managing complexities. This e-book, by research firm Tech-Clarity, outlines steps to successfully transforming your products into smart, connected systems. Request Free! View the full article
  4. In fact, virtual prototyping users saw a 13 percent decrease in overall development time. This report from Aberdeen Group, a U.S. technology and services company, explores how Best-in-Class companies are using virtual prototyping to innovate and differentiate products from the competition. Request Free! View the full article
  5. By implementing these solutions, Zeta Group was able to cut design cycles by 50 percent and reduce customer scrap. This case study provides details about how Zeta Group streamlined, improved and accelerated development cycles with SOLIDWORKS. Request Free! View the full article
  6. While these terms have loose and varying definitions, the core ideas that underpin each of these concepts are becoming increasingly important to successful product development. Put shortly, “digitization” is the process of moving from an analog strategy for connecting product and configuration to a digital model that makes it easier to rapidly iterate product designs. While capturing data in a digital paradigm is undeniably useful, the process of transitioning from an analog to digital paradigm can be daunting. To make the job easier, companies should consider investing in Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) software that can eliminate many of the struggles often found in analog to digital transitions. For those considering this switch, the following eBook will be a valuable roadmap for their transition. In this eBook you will learn: What MBE is and why it matters. Why it is critical to integrate MBE with a Product Innovation Platform. How MBE can help maximize the data that informs product design decisions. Request Free! View the full article
  7. Because of this growing complexity, integrating disparate business systems into a unified Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform is becoming increasingly important if companies want to create valuable and impactful products. While that might be obvious, the question remains: what’s the best method for unifying separate streams of information and data collection into a PLM platform? In this eBook, PLM firm Razorleaf reviews three successful PLM integration strategies that highlight how a complex PLM integration process can be made straightforward, regardless of the level of integration that your team requires. In this eBook, you will learn: Why PLM integration will ultimately be profitable for your company. The pros and cons of three types of PLM integration. The timelines and cost of PLM integration and what type of data you should consider merging in your PLM integration strategy. Request Free! View the full article
  8. To complicate matters further, the materials used in chip layouts and their pre-manufacture simulations are treated as if they provide an “ideal” connection between different layers of a device. However, that “ideal” state isn’t matched in reality. In fact, many chip layouts contain unwanted parasitic resistance, induction and capacitance points that are created through the interplay of the densely sandwiched layers that make up a chip. These parasitic nodes can wreak havoc on the performance of a chip and, therefore, must be extracted from a design before it’s sent off for manufacture. But how does a layout designer detect these parasitic points on chip design? In this 10-page white paper, you will learn about a platform integration which provides designers with a fast, highly accurate, and multi-purpose parasitic extraction tool that enables post-layout simulation across a wide range of designs and advanced process nodes. Request Free! View the full article
  9. Given that IC design teams are often working collaboratively across the globe, companies have chosen to implement parallel design workflows to keep disparate teams on the same page. However, these parallel systems can prove to be a problem. If one team makes a mistake in their design, it often affects the work of another team, creating knock-on problems that can delay a release. This nine-page white paper discusses how managing design integrity from cell and block design through tapeout in parallel design implementation flows is crucial to synchronize design elements between teams and avoid costly delays. Managing the integrity of data during design iteration or FEOL/BEOL staged tapeout flows can prevent delays during implementation and ensure the data being sent to be manufactured is what was intended. Request Free! View the full article
  10. By using Ultimaker 3D printers, Volkswagen Autoeuropa can now test solutions in house and purchasing costs were reduced by 91% when compared to working with external suppliers and implementation time was cut by 95%. Ergonomics and quality were also improved and the systems is also useful for prototypes, gauges and spare parts to support manufacturing processes. In this white paper, you will learn: How 3D printing reduces assembly tooling development time Where 3D printing improves ergonomics in manufacturing applications Major cost savings possible with 3D printed tooling How 3D printing also solves prototyping and spare parts issues Download the white paper to learn how Volkswagen Autoeuropa estimates to save $375,000 by the end of 2017. Request Free! View the full article
  11. The introduction of faster and faster media types and more efficient mechanisms to access those media across well-defined SAN and Ethernet infrastructures will unlock unprecedented speeds, lower latencies, and dramatic improvements in system and application efficiency. Request Free! View the full article
  12. 3D printing, a.k.a additive manufacturing (AM), offers a unique solution for next-generation thermal control. AM offers: Reduced size and weight of thermal control systems Faster lead times than traditional manufacturing processes Increased system performance achieved through unmatched design freedoms The ability to print proof-of-concept models before committing to final design In this 12-page white paper, discover key areas that AM has been put to use in thermal control, as well as studies and research conducted to validate the additive process for optimized thermal management systems. Request Free! View the full article
  13. The Internet of Things (IoT) is now poised to transform the healthcare industry by providing wireless connectivity and sensing. Body-worn electronics and implanted devices, equipped with tiny sensors that continuously monitor vital parameters and securely report anomalies to appropriate physicians, will improve patients’ quality of life while delivering timely medical help. Personalized healthcare is making medicine participatory, personalized, predictive and preventive (P4 Medicine). Medical device and high-tech companies are joining forces to satisfy a growing demand that might reach 20 billion medical connected devices by 2020. Successful medical device and pharmaceutical companies are using engineering simulation to develop systems that ensure high reliability, provide data privacy and achieve regulatory compliance quickly. Learn how platform-based engineering simulation maximizes the IoT opportunities for personalized medicine. Request Free! View the full article
  14. Regulators continue to demand improvements in safety and emissions. The automotive industry must deliver these increasingly complex products to market faster, in the face of increasing competition from traditional sources, new geographies and new entrants and with continued pressure to reduce cost. Failure of any magnitude can result in significant, and even irreparable, financial and brand impact. Automotive and ground transportation companies are making strategic investments in simulation to address the disruptive forces of connectivity, autonomy and electrification. Download this eBook to learn where the industry is making these investments in simulation and the ROI achieved in Meeting product launch dates Length of development time and Simulation Total Cost of Ownership Request Free! View the full article
  15. How are these technologies doing so? By joining together previously disparate fields, like artificial intelligence and 3D printing. By 2020, skills related to these emerging technologies will be desirable for employees in most occupations. To be agile in this new industrial revolution, businesses must train their talent to be prepared for it. In this one-page whitepaper, you will learn about: 10 technologies that will transform the global economy by 2025 How those technologies will impact the world What your business can do to prepare Request Free! View the full article
  16. While this remains true today, product managers are facing the additional challenges of an accelerated and ever more complex product development window. Knowing those obstacles it’s critical to have the appropriate strategies for maintaining cohesion and communication across your product design team. To make the most of your design team, this whitepaper by Jama Software will help you and your product manager make the right decisions about organizing your group. In this white paper you’ll learn the following: How to better manage complex product development regardless of a project’s scope How to embrace the accelerating nature of product development and use it to your advantage How to keep your organization in alignment despite rapidly shifting customer demands Request Free! View the full article
  17. Industrie 4.0 -- the term used to describe the widespread integration of information and communication technology in industrial manufacturing -- will inevitably lead to new types of work and ways of working, and will require companies to transform their organization and culture. The newly released Acatech Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index research study, done with institutions in different fields and partners across every part of the industrial value chain, looks at the methodology for establishing manufacturing companies’ current industry 4.0 maturity stage and identifies areas where action is needed. Request Free! View the full article
  18. Stereolithography (SLA), however, uses a single automated production process, making it possible to produce tight and wide tolerances in the same production phase. SLA still requires the proper materials and post-processing in order to achieve the proper specifications and fit. In this 13-page white paper, you will learn: How 3D printing can be used for a variety of assemblies The different types of fits for different applications The right 3D printing material for the right fit Request Free! View the full article
  19. Specifically, 3D-printed injection molds can enable a business to adopt a more agile manufacturing approach for low-volume production. In turn, it becomes possible to save time and money, and allow engineers to quickly iterate designs and modify molds. Galomb Inc. explored the potential value of 3D printing injection molds by testing out a variety of 3D-printed molds for use in its Galomb Model-B100 Injection Molder. The methods and results of the study are published in this white paper. In this 12-page whitepaper, you will learn: How molds can be 3D-printed for injection molding How different 3D printing materials compare when used for injection molding Common problems when 3D printing molds Design guidelines for 3D printing molds Request Free! View the full article
  20. By using Ultimaker 3D printers, Volkswagen Autoeuropa can now test solutions in house and purchasing costs were reduced by 91% when compared to working with external suppliers and implementation time was cut by 95%. Ergonomics and quality were also improved and the systems is also useful for prototypes, gauges and spare parts to support manufacturing processes. In this white paper, you will learn: How 3D printing reduces assembly tooling development time Where 3 D printing improves ergonomics in manufacturing applications Major cost savings possible with 3 D printed tooling How 3 D printing also solves prototyping and spare parts issues Download the business case to learn how Volkwagen estimates to save $250,000 by the end of 2017. Request Free! View the full article
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  23. Protection against shipping damage, masking for painting or surface treatment and excluding moisture or contamination from assemblies may need very different solutions, making the choice of the right cap or plug to protect your application challenging. This Top Tips Guide will take you through the key areas to consider, ensuring you have covered all bases before you make your selection. In this webinar you will learn how simulation apps can: Consider the working environment Understand the application Choose the right cap and plug material Match the cap and plug to the production process Consider the removal process Essentra is a global manufacturer of component parts for hundreds of markets and thousands of applications. Request Free! View the full article
  24. The modern growth of electric propulsion for aviation, however, is driven by the promise of mitigating the environmental impacts of hydrocarbon burning aircraft. This includes lower gas emissions, better fuel efficiency and less noise. While jet fuel will remain a mainstay of aviation for the near future, the prospects for electric flight are changing, with greater investment and innovation by large aviation and aerospace companies to develop both all-electric (AE) and hybrid-electric (HE) propulsion systems. In this 4-page white paper, you will learn: The history of electric propulsion Different electric propulsion architectures including AE and HE Future trends in electric aviation Request Free! View the full article
  25. This is particularly true when safety, reliability and effectiveness are required. Unfortunately, material selection is often a guessing game. This white paper breaks down many of the important variables it’s necessary to consider when picking the right injection molding material for your application. In this eight-page white paper, you will learn: The physical properties crucial to a material’s performance The relationship between physical properties and the surrounding environment The most common causes of field failure in plastic parts A guide for quickly picking a material Request Free! View the full article
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