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  2. Are production environments embracing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology? surveyed 226 manufacturing professionals to find out. This webinar will present the results of the research report and provide expert commentary on the results. The commentary will also provide examples of actual applications of IIoT in production environments. Here are a few selected insights: More than half of all production activities are instrumented Connecting that equipment to the Internet and analyzing the data from it is at an earlier stage of adoption The most popular application for IIoT is optimizing machine and process performance, but six other applications are almost as popular Request Free! View the full article
  3. Are production environments embracing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology? surveyed 226 manufacturing professionals to find out. This webinar will present the results of the research report and provide expert commentary on the results. The commentary will also provide examples of actual applications of IIoT in production environments. Here are a few selected insights: More than half of all production activities are instrumented Connecting that equipment to the Internet and analyzing the data from it is at an earlier stage of adoption The most popular application for IIoT is optimizing machine and process performance, but six other applications are almost as popular Request Free! View the full article
  4. Software and technology companies operate in one of the most rapidly evolving industries of all, with seismic shifts in development, infrastructure, customer expectations and business models. Companies can go from startup to IPO to global enterprise to acquisition in just a few years. Finding a business system that can keep up with this change presents a tremendous challenge. Request Free! View the full article
  5. The same holds true for IoT Edge applications. But what kind of planning do you have to do up front before you begin developing a cutting edge IoT product? What kind of planning template should you put in place to organize your team’s development efforts? Is there one right way to create a IoT Edge plan? Or are there many schemes that will effectively lead your team to a successful product design? There are so many questions surrounding the initial design stages of developing an IoT Edge project, that even getting started can seem daunting. In this white paper, you will learn: The types of IoT Edge planning scenarios that work best What kind of documentation makes these plans valuable for designers How to best outline a plan for a design’s composition to ensure product success Request Free! View the full article
  6. Software and technology companies operate in one of the most rapidly evolving industries of all, with seismic shifts in development, infrastructure, customer expectations and business models. Companies can go from startup to IPO to global enterprise to acquisition in just a few years. Finding a business system that can keep up with this change presents a tremendous challenge. Request Free! View the full article
  7. Insulation blankets have a number of important functions. Depending on the industry and application, they can be used to protect personnel from hot piping, for lowering ambient heat, and as heat shields to protect heat sensitive components, and for energy efficiency. This eBook provides a step-by-step analysis of what you should look for when choosing an insulation blanket supplier. The topics covered include: Product Range Offering Applications that are very high in temperature or in an unusual environment Industry Experience Understanding of the goals of the insulation project And much more... Request Free! View the full article
  8. Maybe 100s, possibly 1000s, and most, if not all of them contain one or more types of circuit breakers. But, why? Well, circuit breakers are a critical piece of electronic technology that keep systems from frying and shorting out when an overload of current makes its way to a device. Without these bit of circuitry, most electronic systems would be doomed sooner rather than later. And while circuit breakers may seem both critical and commonplace, new applications for the technology are being developed in some rapidly emerging electronics fields like solar energy, marine electronics and more. So, if you think you know all there is to know about circuit breakers, you might think twice, and catch up on what’s new with this white paper. Request Free! View the full article
  9. Many engineers start out in the industry with only a bachelor’s degree to their name. This is a rarity in the world of major science professions, as most advanced professions require further education before you can enter that field. I am able to say this statement because I was also a student of top engineering colleges in Nagpur city, and what you say is absolutely correct.
  10. Components that require exceptionally tight dimensional tolerances and advanced surface finishes can end up costing a lot of money when manufactured through traditional machining methods. Although conventional wisdom states that cold forming is an even more expensive option, this is simply not the case when it comes to producing high quantities of complex precision shapes. According to this informative whitepaper, not only does precision cold forming provide tight tolerances, dimensional reliability, and better surface finishes, it also yields near-net-shape components that require very little secondary machining/processing. This in turn reduces the amount of raw material that is being wasted, thus saving money. Check out this white paper to learn more about the art and science behind the cold forming process, and see if cold forming is the right method for your precision needs. Request Free! View the full article
  11. This webinar examines how new IIoT technologies are driving industrial transformation. Particular focus is paid to the critical early use case like reliability, energy, productivity, and quality; and how a hybrid approach can drive early success – while laying the foundation for substantive transformations. You will learn how to:Develop a strategy that provides a seamless experience across the edge, data center, or cloud Provide a holistic technology architecture across IT & OT Evolve and address how IIoT enables new decision making processes and success metrics Transform plant personnel and management into knowledge workers Request Free! View the full article
  12. Read the report and get a summary of: Strengths of each vendor in the space. Each vendor’s ability to execute and completeness of vision. Why HPE has been positioned further up and to the right in the leaders quadrant. Request Free! View the full article
  13. Within the next 12 months, solid-state arrays will improve in performance by a factor of 10, and double in density and cost-effectiveness, therefore changing the dynamics of the storage market. This Magic Quadrant will help IT leaders better understand SSA vendors' positioning in the market. Request Free! View the full article
  14. Many businesses struggle to find the right additive manufacturing solutions that suit their needs and provide return on investment (ROI). Selecting the right platform to prevent manufacturing roadblocks is vital to optimizing your manufacturing line productivity. Download the buyer's guide to help you:Evaluate the benefits of 3D printing technology at each stage of the product development process Understand how to leverage additive manufacturing for production as well as development Assess the key considerations in selecting a 3D printer that will enable your organization to capitalize on the potential of additive manufacturing Request Free! View the full article
  15. Download this white paper to identify where AM can improve maintenance, repair, and operations processes in your business and to see how other companies have successfully implemented 3D printing techniques. Request Free! View the full article
  16. From custom soft jaws for difficult machining operations to alignment jigs for welding, an industrial 3D printer can improve many of the behind-the-scenes tasks associated with manufacturing and fabrication. Download the white paper today and learn how 3D printed tooling and fixtures address common manufacturing pain points like lengthly lead time, high material costs, and lost productivity. Request Free! View the full article
  17. With the cost savings and efficiency of virtualization comes significant risk. Unfortunately, virtualization makes downtime even more damaging and costly. Before virtualization, when one server hosted one application, only one process stopped if that server went down. But with virtualized servers running multiple applications, a crash can negatively affect multiple processes. Unplanned downtime of Industrial Control Systems; including SCADA, HMI and MES are the #1 enemy of enhanced productivity and higher efficiencies and a major driver of unplanned costs. Learn the Pillars of Always-on Virtualization in Industrial Automation: Monitoring Your Systems Avoiding Downtime (or Failover) Minimizing Planned Downtime Simplified Management Uncomplicated Serviceability Request Free! View the full article
  18. In this webinar, John Fryer, Senior Director of Industry Solutions for Stratus Technologies, will discuss:Why modernizing your control system platforms is a key step for the future Key considerations for updating automation control infrastructures Best practices in realizing a modern industrial control system The ease of updating existing applications and adding new ones How a modern industrial control system simplifies your life and increases efficiency The webinar will also touch on technologies and strategies that are critical to realizing a modern industrial control infrastructure, including:Virtualization as the underpinning for a simplified and cost-effective control system infrastructure Utilizing best practices for protecting virtual environments to simplify redundancy Preventing application degradation and failures that consume time and resources Understanding key success factors, including:The speed of recovery after a platform failure Protecting your system against data loss Integrating with existing environments Ease of use factors Optimizing TCO Laying the groundwork for future applications and IIoT Request Free! View the full article
  19. However, the strategic importance of the cloud for product development is still barely understood. This four-page white paper explores the link between the cloud and an agile product development environment, including: Reasons businesses are turning to the cloud for product development Metrics that can be used to understand business agility for product development A case study illustrating how the cloud enables agile product development The obstacles that need to be overcome to implement product development in the cloud Request Free! View the full article
  20. Add to those licenses the additional requirements tacked on by local municipalities, states and federal governments, and it becomes obvious that a dedicated staff of license-compliant professionals is required to keep your business open. But licensing requirements shouldn’t be a hurdle to success. In fact, with proactive management, licensing can boost growth, speed operations and even provide financial returns. It is also essential to have a team of dedicated compliance specialists on your payroll, or you can look to outsource your licensing plan to a third party dedicated to keeping you up to date and ahead of the regulatory curve. Request Free! View the full article
  21. The Ins And Outs Of The Game Of Basketball No matter if you plan to hit the court or lead the cheers from the stands, information helps appreciate the game. Not too sure of the score?Basketball is easy to learn about. Read on for some basketball tips that will have you can use for your team. Learn the mechanics of a free NBA 2K Coins throw shot. Practice a lot with the following technique. Start out by holding the basketball right in front of your face. Keep looking at the goal while visualizing the basketball going through the goal. Shoot the same path you imagine it going in. Free throws require both mental element to them. Relax and concentrate on your shot. Play basketball against yourself during the season and before it. Even though you play on a team, you can still practice on your own. You are able to do a lot accomplished with solo games. Work on your free throws or practice pivot moves. There is no shortage of things that can be done. This is the hip area, lower back, and the abs. A well developed core provides a player generate force with their legs to be applied to faster running and jumping during games. Build your core strength and work on your legwork when you train for basketball.Your body will maintain balance and move quicker when your core muscles are strong. Work your ab, back, buttocks and hips. Jump rope like the boxers do to increase your fancy footwork. Pay attention to your shoulders if you've suddenly developed a shooting slump. If your shoulders aren't properly positioned, you will not make the shot. Be sure to keep the shoulders always remain squared towards your hoop. You want your strong-side shoulder is lined up with the rim. Always be aware of your feet and what they're doing. Dribble hard to make it less likely for the ball stealing. If someone is guarding you closely, it's time to pass to an open teammate. Don't let your feet to cross and it will have difficulty getting around you. Then they should encircle the point guard and trap him in place. Your forwards can sprint to block the wing players. The point guard should throw up a pass that your forwards can steal. Don't cease dribbling until you get ready to pass or pass. You do not have many options after you cease dribbling.If you cannot pass or shoot, you're left with pivoting on your back foot. This makes you open up to people that want to double team you and try get the ball stolen. You should practice your Cheap NBA 2K Coins dribbling that you shift from one hand to the other. This will happen during all different kinds of situations. You may see an open court but there are opponents swarming you.You will have to figure out how you can dribble when the body is doing different things. This can help you find your way out of jams quickly. Keep your dribbling in a rhythm until the time you want to throw your opponent. Changing your pace can take the other player by surprise and give you an advantage. Practice shots from all regions of different places on the court. The first thing to do is work on balance and balance. Shooting when off-balance isn't impossible, but you will not be nearly as accurate with your shots. The valve can be used to improve your grip. Put the middle of your palm over the basketball's valve. See, it really isn't that complicated. It's quite a fun game, actually. Take the things you've just learned here so you can get better at basketball, or just figure out how to adjust your TV to watch the pros go at it!
  22. The Ins And Outs Of The Game Of Basketball Basketball is a game that people enjoy all over the game. Becoming a good NBA Live Mobile player takes practice and plenty of practice.Reading through the article here is going to teach you what you need to know, so keep reading. Crossovers are very important if you're a ball handlers. This move entails transferring the ball back and forth from the right hand to your right hand and back again. The action must be done quickly if it is going to work. When done properly, the crossover dribble help you to change direction in order to move down the court efficiently. Make sure to practice your layups frequently. Layups account for up being 4 out of the shots taken during a game. When you practice, be sure to run at the goal with full speed, then shoot while jumping in the air.This method will teach you to improve your jumps and then shoot. Make sure to practice includes Cheap NBA 2K MT Coins catching of passes. You can do the rest of your team mates will be happier if you (and they) are more versatile. Play NBA Live Mobile games against yourself during the season and out of season. While it's a team sport, sometimes you just can't find others to play with. There is still much you can be accomplished when playing alone. Work on your free throws or practice pivot moves. There are always things that can work on. Never have your back to the ball so that you can always be prepared for what's coming. You have to be aware of what is going on the court. Keep an eye open for areas that are open. The key for controlling the ball control is to spread your fingers out. You will have better luck holding onto the ball this way. Don't let your palm touching the ball either. Build your core strength and focus on your footwork. Your body will be more stable and easier to move faster when you have strength in your core muscles. Focus on your hip, buttocks, and hip muscle groups.Jump rope like a boxer to improve your footwork speed. Passing between the legs is something that helps when you are being closely guarded. Practice this maneuver by bouncing the ball between your legs. Mastering this move can give you a big advantage on the court. A routine is necessary for improvement in free throw shooting. If you aren't able to be consistent you'll find yourself missing free throws. The simplest way to get better at free throws is to do repetitions of the same routines time and again. Try to get the basketball from one end of the court to the other in about five dribbles. This may not seem feasible, but once you've gotten the hang of it, your speed and stride will be truly impressive. This will help you to have success with lay-ups during a fast break. Be certain you Buy NBA 2K MT Coins are able to see clearly.You don't just to keep score. You need to have the best peripheral vision to be as good as it can. You need to take charge anytime you can. Changing your pace is key to keeping the offense is paying attention. When you're moving towards the net, try planting the front foot and start straightening up. The guard will think you've slowed down and will also straighten themselves. When they do, rush forward and power past them. By using these insights and applying them to your own performance, you will create a stronger, more enjoyable team. Keep researching online and in print to keep up on the latest and greatest in basketball tips. Gain as much knowledge as you can to improve your enjoyment of the sport.
  23. However, developing these highly complex systems presents extraordinary engineering challenges. Rigorous testing is critical. How do engineers manage this complexity, replicate thousands of operating scenarios, meet aggressive time and cost targets and ensure product safety? Download this whitepaper to learn how engineering simulation provides the means to virtually test thousands of operating scenarios and design parameters with precision, speed and cost economy. Request Free! View the full article
  24. Personalization represents the future of healthcare. Yet, the cost of building product prototypes and testing them on patients is prohibitively high. Download this whitepaper and learn how to engineering simulation accelerates the overall design process and supports the development of smarter devices that gather individual patient data, improve the quality of care while cutting overall healthcare costs. Request Free! View the full article
  25. The connectors are a lot of frequently a three arrow in the colors of red chicken and white. Aswell added kinds of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire connectors accustomed as assistant prongs maybe alone or bifold are available. These kinds of Enameled Copper Wire connectors can be acclimated in television sets, players, amplifiers and even computers or laptops. The baskets annihilate the allegation for custom accessories and do not crave a absolute set of accessories to accomplish the job. With the appropriate basket, you can install adjustable accessories in your ambiance with just a jaw bolt cutter, a angle and the appropriate abutment system. If you acquisition the appropriate failing bassinet trays, you can complete the accession yourself and save both time and money. How to Install Your Own Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Wire Baskets?Choosing the Appropriate Trays and Compassionate Bulk Capacity.When you beforehand in a Enameled Copper Wire basket, you should accept Enameled Copper Wire tray ample calculations to beforehand in the appropriate aggregate of trays. According to the Civic Electrical Cipher Commodity NEMA 392-9(b), Enameled Copper Wire trays may alone be abounding up to 50 percent if you are appliance ascendancy or arresting abstracts wires. The bassinet tray should according the amplitude times the loading abyss and the bassinet will arise as if it is abounding if alone 50 percent of bassinet is abounding in Enameled Copper Wires. Before you do any cutting, you should accept that the alfresco wire bassinet tray will not be cut. Installers should alone cut the central and basal of the bassinet tray to abolish the appropriate aggregate of wire meshing. You will accept to analyze the breadth and the bulk of rows you should abolish afore you accomplish any plan on any of the Enameled Copper Wire bassinet fittings. The breadth of the cuts will depend on breadth the breadth is accepting placed. If you allegation to actualize a 90 bulk bend, you accept to accomplish altered cuts than you would on bassinet trays installed at a 60, 45, or 30 bulk bend. The Enameled Copper Wire bassinet advisory guides should advice you admeasurement breadth you should cut your wires.Tray Enameled Copper Wire.See more Enameled Copper Wire at -
  26. If you are going to have any queries do not hesitate to get in touch with us over contact us page, we'll give an response. Knowing you've got the target of attaining to the top will offer you a reason to keep going. Playing it is fun as it seems as though you're getting involved in the element. 8 Ball Pool Cheats - the Conspiracy Getting coins hack is quite straightforward you do not will need to download apk files about rooting your device or fret as you won't need that. Moreover, another reason why you should use the tool is that you could enjoy games. Another reason that you may benefit using the tool is that you have the opportunity to detect the unlimited resources you have to play with the game. Folks can be shocking. Be certain to take a look if you want to astound your buddies or support his assignment! Please use our Search Box above to see whether your question has been asked, this will help you save time waiting for answers that are already on the website. The Fundamentals of 8 Ball Pool Coins Cheats Revealed Initial of all of the items that you would really like to sell online. 8 Ball Pool cash hack is created by programmers working hours that were spent merely to bring you cash and coins to reach. So in the event that you would like Coins you have three alternatives. Take pleasure in the coins and money to buy whatever you want. You may multiply the amount of coins you've got by going into the room with higher bet. Tournament Director is going to be the Sophia Morquecho. In case you attempted lots of video games but should you love to play sports online game then you've got attempted 8 Ball Pool but you've got discovered several points. You might wonder if that soccer game is free. 8 Ball Pool is the most significant pool game on the web. 8 Ball Pool can become addictive if you put in a set of games with a player. Let's go to the game's characteristic. Of the Keno tips and tricks you're going to need to learn, the very first is to get a knowledge of the game. Cash is essential to purchase the Minigames and to upgrade the cues. There are. Bear in mind these abilities alone are insufficient. All you need to do is think about the achievements panel and play the game. You're ready to choose. Billiards tactics that are great is an issue of play. Prior to playing, he'll make his wager. Another characteristic of our program is you iPhone can use Android or. Take a look at this great Guide and you'll observe! Moreover, there are competitions you will be in a position to enter to make WGT credits. If you wish to get coins using 8 Ball Pool Hack coins may be the perfect solution for you. Whenever you earn 550 points, youall qualify for a free weekend day. It might take some opportunity. Is join family and friends across the solar system and carrefully manage the power of the Warframes in player-vs-enemy raids. Things You Should Know About 8 Ball Pool Cheats It's possible to show signals of improvement winning speed with the help of our broadened immediate guide hack. It's loved because of these reasons. Gastric bypass surgery has an emotional, along with a physiological, influence on the person. The Rise of 8 Ball Pool Cheats We've solved this problem for you, although, hacking on 8 ball pool game isn't a simple job whatsoever. Before you commence using any of the 8 ball pool cheats, it is crucial to stick to the directions first. Caution, however, if the cue ball isn't aimed right, there might be an opportunity in order for it to roll right into a pocket. There are a good deal of crucial features available, which make 8 ball pool cheats the best choice for those gamers. For these of you who use and must get online eight ball hack hack apk, there are lots of steps you need to follow. You customize your cue. Where you can access it any time you desire it's accessible online. You don't need to spare your time to accumulate and collect every of the resources. When you don't have sufficient resources.
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