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    how to find a CNC machining factory in China?

    I am Mark lon fromZIFENG machining factory, located in guangdong China. If you need to make parts with CNC please let me know. Your RFQ be very much appreciated even a small or single quantity. Also if you have questions about cnc machining service, I will be very happy to assist you. Thank you very much! Zifeng is specialized in Precision machined Aluminum parts Milling We manufacture parts on 3-4axis CNC mills. Turning: We support turning of outside and inside features. Surface finishing Machining part assembly ON-TIME GUARANTEE MATERIALS: Aluminum Alloys Copper Alloys For more information, please kindly take your time to enter our web site.
  6. Mixed reality presents an opportunity for designers to transform design processes and customer interactions by using digital, 3D holograms as a vehicle for creating and communicating their vision. A Forrester Consulting study sought to identify pain points that mixed reality could address and how, evaluate the business processes and end users who can benefit most from mixed reality, and understand key considerations for implementation. The study came away with the following key findings: Design firms are investing in product innovation and deepening customer relationships. Planning and product development are top MR opportunities in design. Design firms expect MR to help accelerate learning, drive productivity, and enhance customer interactions. Download this exclusive report to learn more. Request Free! View the full article
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  8. Since most of these devices require a change in force to function – whether made manually or mechanically – this eBook shows how embedding ultra-thin, low power force sensing technology can address key patient demands and make medical devices easier to use. Request Free! View the full article
  9. Responding to this consumer demand for personalization, businesses in the Age of Experience are ushering in a revolution of manufacturing innovation, transforming from mass production to mass customization—the proverbial “one-off order.” Today’s manufacturing is: Creative, enabling new business models with cost-effective mass customization Smart, improving speed and agility with real-time learning Value, connecting value streams end-to-end from ideation through manufacturing to ownership Human, empowering collaboration and augmenting human creativity The digitalization of manufacturing brings new levels of collaboration, using big data analytics, real-time data acquisition and digital continuity from ideation to design to production and even to ownership. By embracing technology advances (such as 3D printing, Internet of Things, robotics) with a mindset of continuous improvement and competitive agility, businesses can drive value, meet market demands and deliver unique, one-to-one experiences for everyone. Request Free! View the full article
  10. Global regulatory affairs and compliance expert David Dills provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of medical device clinical trials regulations and explains how in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and the application of rigorous clinical investigation processes can help companies accelerate the time it takes to bring new devices to the market. Request Free! View the full article
  11. Pramod M Kallur


    I need help to prepare for an interview on Pneumatic Locomotive's, could you please help me in providing study material
  12. Microwave Product Digest: Serves the government/military OEM and user market field including: electronic warfare, radar, telemetry, and CATV broadcast systems, ground support, communications, test and measurement equipment, navigation, active and passive components, industrial & academic laboratories. Request Free! View the full article
  13. xiao12345

    solid wood flooring

    solid wood flooring separated. With the intensification of international environmental protection organizations, international supervision has increased, countries' awareness of indigenous forest protection Has increased,eco decking tiles price raw materials have been in short supply, and will not improve in the short term. This has led to a large increase in solid wood flooring billets, especially for merbau and teak, which have not been ruled out by humans. This year , with the decline in sales of solid wood flooring and the rationalization of the billet market, the price increase will not be much faster faster than last year, wood plastic composite lumber dubai but it will also steadily increase.。, The price of solid wood flooring will increase gradually. Laminated Flooring has always dominated the market with two major advantages: price and fashion. However, due to the current increase in wood chips, the price of laminate fl Ooring has risen by 40%. 90 sqm house plans in Qatar According to statistics, the current heating transportation costs also also increased by 4 - 5% and 10%, packaging fees also rose by 10%, which prompted the price of laminate flooring to rise, in order to occupy The market and can not rise too much, it can only narrow the profit margins. 2. Well-known brands continue to diversify their product development The price of floor blanks has risen for two consecutive years. The rate is relatively large, which has forced Solid wood flooring prices to rise. Its average price is as much as over 200 yuan,what is a composite board causing consumers to accept it. Laminate flooring and laminate flooring, for this reason, for enterprises to stabilize the sales network to protect the interests of dealers, we must
  14. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software can help businesses small and large proactively manage their mission-critical intellectual property and control their product definitions. But what is PLM? What is PDM? And what problems can PLM and PDM help solve or avoid for your design team? Furthermore, how do you choose and deploy a PLM or PDM scheme? In this white paper you’ll learn answer to those questions and find ways that you improve your product design and management scheme by learning: What PLM and PDM are How to deploy a PLM and PDM solution How to choose which PLM or PDM systems will work for your operation Request Free! View the full article
  15. A solid integration will eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce errors, save time, lead to more accurate data and therefore improve productivity and the bottom line. However, this begs the question “How do I integrate two (or more) disconnected systems?” Are there multiple options? Are some options better than others? Are there commercial tools available in the market to help with this or is everything custom programming? This white paper will answer these questions about PLM integration. Specifically, you will learn: How to assess your PLM needs with real world use cases Three of the most popular forms of PLM integration How to choose which PLM integration method is right for your business. Request Free! View the full article
  16. Customers now have the tools to easily compare products, making quality, reliabilty and safety integral to product success. But how do you keep up with innovation while also ensuring that your product meets your customets rigorous demands? One method of doing so is by pursuing a cross-functional product development approach. To be most effective, quality should be managed early in the product development lifecycle and consistently throughout the entire process, using multi-pronged, collaborative methods. This white paper is presented here to help you integrate this type of product development template into your design scheme, with a specific focus on medical device manufacturers. In this white paper, you will learn about: How to optimize your design controls How to optimize communication and design reuse. How to maintain design intent for manufacturing and regulatory filings Request Free! View the full article
  17. While those productivity gains are impressive, they haven’t translated that well to the product development processes for all companies. Considering that product development cycles continue to shrink, its important that businesses that want to keep up with the pace of cutting edge product development teams make their product development process as productive as possible. But how is that done? One of the most important aspects of improving product development processes is ensuring that your team has the right technology strategy to make your engineers as productive as possible. In this white paper you will learn about: How to assess what supporting technologies you’ll need to improve product development productivity Understanding product development sub-processes and interfaces. What types of productivity gains you can expect by bringing the right technology into your product development scheme Request Free! View the full article
  18. Yaya Toure tror att han kan spela på toppnivå i ytterligare två årstider och skulle inte utesluta ett drag till Manchester United och säger att han skulle vilja "lära" Paul Pogba. Toure, 35, släpptes av Manchester City efter åtta framgångsrika år på Etihad Stadium, men har sagt att han vill stanna i England. "Låt oss se, låt oss se," Toure berättade Manchester Evening News när han frågades om att vara en potentiell ersättare för den avgående Michael Carrick på United. "Jag reglerar inte stora lag, de stora lagen är väldigt viktiga för mig. Vad de vill uppnå, det sätt de vill gå är för mig mycket viktigt. Jag vill gå någonstans jag kan vinna och uppnå. "Det kommer bli svårt en dag att spela mot City, men jag måste göra det. Det är en del av mitt jobb. Jag har spelat fotboll under en så lång tid, jag är inte bra på kontoret eller något annat Jag är bra i fotboll. "Att se mig själv på en annan klubb kommer att bli svårt. Jag har varit så stor del av staden under en så lång tid nu. Jag vill bara säga att jag definitivt kommer att fortsätta spela på hög nivå - Champions League eller Europa League. "Jag vill spela ytterligare två år. De måste vara på högre nivå och då kan jag göra något annat." Toure sa att han skulle njuta av chansen att spela med United mittfältaren Pogba och kunde hjälpa Frankrikes internationella att förbättra efter två svåra år på Old Trafford. "Det är svårt på grund av hur medierna har behandlat honom", tillade han. "Vi har inte samma egenskaper eftersom jag var involverad i hela bollen, jag sprang överallt. Jag tyckte om det. Jag var beredd på det. Jag arbetade för det länge. "När jag var i akademin i Afrika var jag tvungen att springa överallt, få box-to-box på 50 sekunder. Det är något jag älskar att göra. "Pogba är lika stor, makt - men annorlunda på sättet han vill gå. Han är en spelare jag vill leka med, för att vara ärlig, bara för att lära honom några saker. "Han är en fantastisk spelare. Han är lite ung för Ryssland tröja tillfället. Kritik är en del av livet. Om de kritiserar dig är det för att de vill att du ska vara bra eller vara bättre. "Jag har kritiserats och jag älskar att bli kritiserad. Jag bryr mig inte om folk pratar om mig - det är bra. Det betyder att jag måste uppnå, jag måste bli bättre. "Även om du fortsätter att vara på toppen av ditt spel, ibland kommer de att hitta något att berätta för dig. Det är en del av livet. Vi måste ta itu med det." Stadens chef Pep Guardiola har undertecknat en ersättare för Toure en av sina högsta prioriteringar den här VM Argentina MESSI tröja säsongen, med Napoli Jorginho som mål. Toure sa att den spelare som ersätter honom måste matcha sin önskan och ambition att utmana för en plats i Argentina tröja Guardiolas trupp. "Kanske de nya spelarna, de nya barnen kommer igenom, de kan göra det," sa han. "Men den mentalitet jag alltid hade - det var alltid för högt. Sättet som jag krävde av mig själv och krävde att de som var nära mig att vara på toppen av sitt spel. "Ibland är det svårt att få det, men låt oss se om City kan få en bra [ersättning]. Jag önskar dem lycka till Portugal tröja i framtiden, kanske en dag hoppas jag att jag kommer tillbaka i en annan situation. "Jag känner att jag går i pension eftersom jag tänkte att jag skulle sluta fotboll efter City. Jag ville fortsätta med City i två år, men det är livet. Vi måste gå vidare, vi måste förstå beslut ibland."
  19. View this on-demand webinar to learn where 3D printing is a best fit in your manufacturing operations such as:Machine set-up for line commissioning Manufacturing aids for fixturing, positioning and tooling Production line optimization for custom component add-ons and upgrades Presented by Daniel Leong. Request Free! View the full article
  20. By understanding both printing technologies and their unique advantages, you can maximize the utility of high strength 3D printing in your operation. Download the white paper to learn several ways you can leverage these complementary technologies to quickly improve your manufacturing processes. Request Free! View the full article
  21. If you want to learn about using simulation apps to improve student learning, then tune into this webinar with Ivana Milanovic from the University of Hartford. Simulation-based design and inquiry-based learning can be embedded in any science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) course to enhance the delivery of the material and help balance the time devoted to theory, problem solving, and skill development. Apps involve creating a simplified interface that contains the full efficacy of the underlying model without exposing the end user to its complexity. In this webinar, you will see how STEM courses can be modified to contain scaffolded and contextualized simulations with app building. These simulation apps help develop students’ technical competency and deeper understanding of physical concepts by solving realistic technological problems. Request Free! View the full article
  22. This will be especially true for software-enabled products in disposables as well as reusable devices. This white paper examines trends that will significantly impact the medical device industry in 2018 and offers tips on how medical device companies can respond to the trends in order to maintain a strong presence in the industry. Request Free! View the full article
  23. Industrial organizations are looking for innovative ways to drive analytics into the edge of their operations. Using edge intelligence, data-driven decisions can deliver immediate, contextualized outcomes, while overcoming the unavoidable constraints and difficulties of industrial environments and fully leveraging the cloud. ARC’s latest report, entitled “Growing Role of Edge Intelligence”, explores the hottest topics in edge to cloud intelligence for industrial operations, including: What and where is the “edge” Value of keeping data local An “edge-first” approach to industrial analytics and machine learning Four edge intelligence use cases The power of edge to cloud approaches Download the report and get expert recommendations on how industrial organizations can employ edge intelligence to drive operational decisions. Request Free! View the full article
  24. Adidas Samba Training colleges - Easy and Stylish on your Foot Soccer can never be complete without the perfect yeezy 750 boost trainers and that is exactly what Adidas Samba Trainers do - complete the experience. These indoor soccer-training shoes have been one of many very popular shoes from Adidas from the recent times. It is known to have sold over 35 million pairs internationally. The Samba trainers from Adidas are yeezy boost 700 only second to the very popular Adidas Stan Smith and also have several color that you can choose from. Although it comes in varied colors and hues, the trainers with the particular classic black with three white stripes is what has caught everyone's notice. Those are definitely popular than any different color Adidas has developed. The distinguishing feature of pairs of trainers is the tan gumsole. This is what can make it different from the additional shoes Adidas has produced. A little history concerning Adidas Samba Trainers The reasoning behind behind creating the Samba Trainers was mens adidas superstar to be able to coach football players on icy hard grounds. First developed in 1950, the shoe originally sported the design with the classic three stripes and also the gold trefoil on that foldable tongue. It gained popularity from the 1st day it was announced to consumers. However, after some time, the design of the actual shoe also progressed and yes it evolved into what came to be known as Samba Millennium. This new design was made with no extended tongue. Another version on the trainers came up that was known as the Samba '85. But the Samba trainer has however evolved in design plus features, classic models belonging to the Samba '85 are even now in production. However, it has changed a little in name. It is currently called the Samba M. The planning architecture of Samba Training companies The trainers are created from comfortable fabric that is adidas gazelle womens easy to the legs. Only high quality material is needed to shape up the very popular trainers. When developing these shoes, a very important point that must be taken into account is the comfort levels. It must be relaxed on your feet in addition to strong enough to withstand the atrocities on the sport. When designing the Adidas Samba Trainers, the design architects be careful that the shoes tend to be supportive while still letting it function in a typical manner. They have been structured so they are not just lightweight but also provide stability when made use of. The latest design allows the forefoot and also the rear foot to step freely. Materials used around designing the shoes are traditional fabrics, which widely-used to reinterpret the iconic styles incorporated within the Adidas trainers. Many on the shoes are often hand-woven, hand-dyed or even hand-stitched. The idea behind this really is to represent a far more traditional value. It does work that the sneakers from Adidas are very popular and history has established it. It wins enormous hearts through its uncomplicated yet stylish design. The best part of those sneakers is that they work well with any kind of style. The Adidas shoes are today often utilized for training, futsal and street play. However, these are most popularly worn as casual wear because of their smart and stylish look. If you are looking out for stylish footwear to go with your new coat, these Samba trainers may very well be your answer. .
  25. Flaunt The latest Fashion Trend With Adidas Samba Training colleges The Adidas Samba training organisations are indoor soccer cheap yeezy training shoes. They are the most popular shoes from Adidas Originals. In fact, every Adidas fan is sure to have an Adidas samba within his closet. This shoe is considered as one of the better selling shoes of recent years. It is the next best sold Adidas footwear with about thirty-five mil of pairs sold in many countries. Moreover these trainers are thought to be an ultimate classic sneaker from Adidas. This shoe can never fade away from fashion. You can recognize these sports shoes at once even from a far distant. The shoe includes a tan gumsole and this feature distinguishes the sneaker from other shoes of this brand. Adidas Samba trainers are intended and manufactured in lots of colour combinations. However, the most used colour available with this shoe is a classic black with THREE OR MORE white stripes. This colour goes best with a couple of jeans and white/black color t-shirt. These Adidas trainers were launched cheap yeezy boost in the year 1962 to enable the soccer players for getting trained on icy hard ground. Its original style featured classic 3 whipping and gold trefoil upon foldable tongue. With passage of energy Samba evolved into Samba Millennium as well as Samba '85. The classic models of the sneakers are still starting a manufacturing process, under the name Classic M. The model is however occasionally used for street play, training and casual occasions. Samba trainers from Adidas feature a full suede adidas shoes on clearance upper giving a effect of retro style. So, if you want to flaunt a brand new fashion trend, then you'll be able to go for these Samba teachers. These trainers are not alone holds its position in the footwear industry as a iconic sports shoe but in addition a great fashion shoe. This shoe is in fact one of the favourites among soccer fans as well as the fashionistas. You might have undoubtedly seen several sports personality and fashion models and celebrities wearing a pair of these shoes in massive events. If you don't have a couple these Adidas trainers, a person surely would want to Adidas Climacool shoes buy a pair. There are several online stores that advertise Originals trainers. Just find a site that offers a shoe of your respective size that fits you the top. Many sites sell these Samba trainers at the very cheap rate. Today, the thing that could bother you is whether or not the pair of trainers that you can get online are genuine or perhaps not. In fact, there are lots of sites that will gladly take your hard earned money offering you a fake shoe to return the favour. Here is a guide that will assist you spotting out fake Adidas Originals sneakers online. Check out if you find any small print one from where you are intending to buy. Some websites admit which they sell replicas of this Originals whereas some say potentially they are selling 'variants' (a term often included in fooling the consumers). Future, always check the authenticity from the website. Have a quick take a look at the customer feedback section so that they can know whether the web page sells genuine shoes as well as not. .
  26. Just what exactly Nike and Lance Armstrong Had in Common Being the best means you should be on top. You have to air max 97 sale be undisputed and unchallenged. Much more words describe the best belonging to the best. For these two characters, being the best isn't something; cycling superstar Neil Armstrong as well as the biggest, most successful having gear company, Nike. Soon after winning the prestigious Expedition De France seven nike air max 2018 womens consecutive times, Neil Armstrong became a cycling legend which will go down in that history books. He split several cycling records within history. On the additional side, Nike has been the best in sports equipment advancement, providing athletes and no athletes alike, with quality sporting gear since 1964. That they are the best, you must be paired with the most effective. This was solidified and embodied not simply with the flow with Armstrong's career through Nike, but together with his life story too. Your dog was a testicular melanoma survivor, and to pull through that ride, he also had the most beneficial; the best doctors, cures, and support system. It's such as same exact thing that happened to womens air max 90 sale his career. Nike may be accompanying Armstrong throughout his / her seven tour de France championships and also other biking achievements he purchased. Nike and Lance Armstrong have been working nike air force 1 low together testing a line of cycling apparel and gear to generate cyclists excel. All the work paid off sweetly, major them to 6 excursion de France trophies. Infusing comfort with performance, Nike is successful producing cycling merchandise that make the devoted customers perform like drawbacks. Now we do a run through of what the Nike - Armstrong team can give to aspiring cyclists and hobby cyclists also. For shoes, the Nike Lance, that is especially designed for Lance Armstrong (and you, of course. ), is the lightest buckle road shoes available today. It has its own kind of leather which reduces stretching and drinking water absorption while maintaining sturdiness. For apparel, the Nike Speedi Spin Time Trial, thouroughly tested by Armstrong himself. There are a good fit having seams all aligned on the airflow for good air flow. It also has zoned aerodynamics to lessen unwanted air impacts with the smooth flowing ride. Pertaining to equipment, only the intuitive cycling watch, the Lance SOME, made in cooperation with Armstrong. This watch is lightweight for comfort, and carries a titanium case for resilience. It also has a integrated barometer, altimeter and a digital weather compass. The best thing about the Lance 4 is the actual 100 hour chronograph that is enough for a month's worth of racing. Lastly, will be the V. Carbon Max, yet again, extra durable and easily portable, with a good ventilation system to avoid fogging, and interchangeable lens for dynamic use as a result of any weather. The cycling world have been enthralled by the helpful tag team of Lance Armstrong along with Nike. With the help involving Nike's cycling line you can all set to capture your personal cycling track. .
  27. Volkswagen Autoeuropa faced a problem common to most mass producers of consumer goods: tooling, jigs and fixtures represented a large investment that was expensive to build, costly and time consuming to manage. By using Ultimaker 3D printers, Volkswagen Autoeuropa can now test solutions in house and purchasing costs were reduced by 91% when compared to working with external suppliers and implementation time was cut by 95%. Ergonomics and quality were also improved and the systems is also useful for prototypes, gauges and spare parts to support manufacturing processes. In this white paper, you will learn: How 3D printing reduces assembly tooling development time Where 3D printing improves ergonomics in manufacturing applications Major cost savings possible with 3D printed tooling How 3D printing also solves prototyping and spare parts issues Download the white paper to learn how Volkswagen Autoeuropa saved $375,000 in 2017. Request Free! View the full article
  28. Snow Business uses Ultimaker 3D printers in-house to prototype, test, and create final parts for snow machines operated in the film and TV industry. By incorporating 3D printing into their prototyping, testing, and part creation process, they’ve been able to cut back on costs while also saving valuable time to improve efficiency. Request Free! View the full article
  29. Honeybee Robotics is a design and engineering solutions firm known for contributions of critical planetary analysis technology to NASA's past three Mars missions. Their designs are "destined for work on Earth, Mars and beyond." Their work extends to other industries as well, leveraging hard-fought expertise in designing mechanisms, robots and robotics systems for work in challenging environments. Download the business case to learn how Ultimaker desktop 3D printers boosted their productivity. Request Free! View the full article
  30. Bringing electric vehicles (EVs) which are profitable, reliable and fit for everyday use to the market is still a challenge. While most correlations and phenomena in conventional, combustion engine-powered vehicles are well understood, the different system setup in EVs and new components, such as the battery, create new tasks for engineers to solve. In this webinar, Thomas Hofmann, Product Marketing Manager for SimulationX, a system simulation software proven in the automotive industry for many years, will address some of the most important challenges in developing and virtually testing EVs and how system simulation helps to solve them. Request Free! View the full article
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