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    Salt spray test

    Salt spray test is mainly used for testing salt spray corrosion resistance of galvanized and color coated products. There are two kinds of salt spray box: two kinds of roof salt spray box and spherical salt spray box. The spherical salt spray testing machine is more reasonable because of its reasonable structure design, the spray in the box is more uniform, but its price is higher, so it is seldom used. The parameters of salt spray testing machine can not be changed generally. If it needs to be changed, it is necessary to do a comparative tracking test to ensure the accuracy of the test. After the test sample is ready, if the surface is dirty, greasy stains, can be washed with clean water, or wipe cloth to remove, if not removed, the test data can not be referred to, need to be re-sampled. The sample should not be placed too much in the salt spray box, and the distance between the 1 fingers should be kept between the samples. To prevent changes in the test settings, the daily amount of fog should be recorded. When the salt spray test is taken out regularly for observation, only clean water can be used to wash and air-dry the surface of the sample. Do not wipe the surface of the sample with a dishcloth, because the dishcloth will remove the surface white rust. The position of the sample in the salt mist box should not be fixed. The position of the sample in the salt mist box should be changed after each observation. When the salt spray test machine is disused for a long time, the water in the salt spray box should be released. At the same time, the water in the saturated pail should also be released.
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  4. Plastic is a kind of macromolecule material which is produced by complex chemical reactions such as polymerization, resin bonding, resin addition, condensation and so on. Properties: It is a light material (1/8 of steel), high specific strength, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, good insulation, wear resistance, sound absorption, easy processing and molding. The main applications are: Installations: dashboard and gasket, sundries box, steering wheel, joystick, interior trim panel, seat armrest, door lining, various filling materials, etc. External fittings: sealing strip, bumper panel, fender, skirt edge, trim strip, hose, shock absorber gasket, handle, etc. Others: air filter housing, fan blades, various sensors, electrical appliances, and some gear. With the continuous improvement of advanced engineering plastics in performance, it is being developed and applied in automobile engine cover, roof, luggage rack and other parts. Plastics are divided into thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastic softens after heating, has plasticity, machinability, and hardens after cooling; if it softens after reheating, hardens after cooling. This process can be repeated and has no effect on its structural properties. For example, polyfluoroethylene, polystyrene, polyamide (also known as nylon) and so on, they have simple molding process, high production efficiency, certain mechanical properties, but low heat resistance and rigidity. Thermoplastics are most widely used in automobiles. Commonly used are: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) and so on. Thermosetting plastics react chemically when heated and harden after solidification; they cannot be softened by reheating. Such as phenolic resin, epoxy resin and so on. They are highly heat-resistant, pressure resistant and difficult to deform, and are relatively inexpensive, but the molding process is complex and the production efficiency is low.
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  6. [Feilong Jiangli Edition] Heat treatment of steel parts is a process that changes the structure of steel by means of heating, heat preservation and cooling, so that the required properties of steel parts can be obtained. The heat treatment of steel varies according to the way of heating and cooling. Annealing: A heat treatment process in which steel is heated to a certain temperature for a period of time and then slowly cooled to room temperature with the furnace; the purpose is to reduce hardness, improve cutting performance, improve plasticity and toughness, eliminate structural defects in steel and eliminate internal stress. Normalizing: Normalizing is a heat treatment process in which the steel is heated to a critical temperature of 50-70 degrees above, fully insulated, and then cooled in the air; the purpose is basically the same as annealing, but the strength and hardness of normalized steel is higher than that of annealed steel. Quenching: quenching is a heat treatment process in which the steel is heated to 30-50 degrees above the critical temperature and cooled rapidly in the cooling medium after heat preservation; the commonly used cooling medium is water, mineral oil, salt, alkali water solution, etc. The main purpose of quenching is to improve the hardness and strength of the steel. Tempering: A heat treatment process in which hardened steel is reheated to a temperature below a critical temperature for a period of time and then cooled in air or oil to reduce or eliminate internal stress, improve toughness and plasticity, adjust hardness and reduce brittleness, and ensure that the shape and size of the steel remain unchanged. Surface hardening: Surface hardening is a local quenching method in which the surface of a steel piece is hardened to a certain depth while the central part remains unquenched; the purpose is to obtain a higher strength, wear resistance and fatigue strength on the surface of the steel piece, while the center still has sufficient plasticity and toughness. CHEMICAL HEAT TREATMENT: CHEMICAL HEAT TREATMENT means that steel parts are heated, kept warm and cooled in a certain medium, so that some elements in the medium penetrate into the surface layer of steel parts, thereby improving the surface properties; the purpose is to improve the hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the surface layer of steel parts; mainly carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, etc.
  7. Deformation failure mechanism of automobile parts 1) Definition: Deformation is defined as the change of the size and shape of a part due to the action of load or internal stress during its use. Deformation is an important cause of parts failure, such as crankshaft, clutch friction disc, transmission shaft and spindle. 2) classification of deformation failure: elastic deformation failure, plastic deformation failure and creep failure. 3) factors affecting the deformation of automotive parts Deformation failure of parts except metal materials, design stiffness and manufacturing process related to the installation of improper fastening or work has obvious overload phenomenon humidity: with the increase of working temperature, the strength of materials will also decline, so at higher temperatures working parts are prone to deformation of the deformation clutch piece warping deformation brake drum, exhaust manifold changes For foundations, there is internal stress due to imperfect ageing treatment during casting, which causes deformation due to stress redistribution in application, and incorrect repair techniques or methods, such as welding thermal stress. Feilong jiangli will update analysis of more auto parts failure models.
  8. Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur wants to make sure Marcus Mariota is comfortable with Tennessee’s new offense so he plans to call plays that best fit the quarterback. Mariota is busy learning his latest NFL offense Xavier Rhodes Jersey , but any talk about what plays the fourth-year QB prefers will have to wait at least until he knows everything LaFleur is asking him to run. ”I’m just trying to grasp everything,” Mariota said Tuesday. ”You don’t want to be opinionated on something that you have never run. I just try to go out there and execute, and do what they’re asking me to do. When we come back and we have to determine some of these things, and determine what we like and what we don’t like, I’ll definitely express my opinion.” That’s exactly what LaFleur expects, even if he’s learning that getting the polite Mariota to speak up isn’t always easy. ”He’s an extremely bright guy Jermon Bushrod Jersey ,” LaFleur said. ”He’s picked it up pretty quickly. Again, I think it’s more or less just having that confidence in being able to go out there and not think so much when he’s playing. So the more reps he’s been getting, the better he’s been doing.” The Titans wrap up their organized team activities this week, and their mandatory minicamp next week concludes the offseason where first-time head coach Mike Vrabel and his staff have been busy teaching and installing new offensive and defensive schemes. LaFleur, the third man to interview for the Titans’ head coaching job in January, joined Vrabel as his offensive coordinator for the chance at calling plays in the NFL. LaFleur’s biggest challenge is making sure the Titans put Mariota in position to take advantage of his skills. Tennessee fired coach Mike Mularkey after winning the franchise’s first playoff game in 14 years because they didn’t get enough out of Mariota and the offense last season despite going 9-7. The Titans tied for 22nd in the NFL with 33 touchdowns despite tying for second with 18 TDs rushing. Only four teams threw fewer passes than Tennessee (496) Casey Hayward Jersey , and the Titans ranked 23rd averaging 199.4 yards passing per game. They also fell to 15th in the league running the ball for an average of 114.6 yards. LaFleur joined Tennessee from the Los Angeles Rams who scored a league-high 29.9 points per game last season. What LaFleur wants from the Titans all starts with the run game and his very mobile quarterback. ”We’re going to try to have a strong marriage between the run and the pass, so that to a defense it might look, `Oh, here comes another run,’ and it’s play-action off that run,” LaFleur said. To rev up the run game Jimmy Graham Jersey , the Titans released veteran DeMarco Murray in March and signed Dion Lewis as a free agent to join Derrick Henry. LaFleur said he looks at the running backs as 1A and 1B. In the end, the biggest key also is the most obvious: keep Mariota healthy for a full season for the first time in his career. ”When he’s healthy, this offense runs smoothly and we’ve got to keep him that way,” Pro Bowl tight end Delanie Walker said. Notes: Left tackle Taylor Lewan and wide receiver Corey Davis were not at Tuesday’s session. Vrabel said he had heard from the players not in attendance. … Linebacker Kevin Dodd, the No. 33 pick overall in 2016, has been missing in action during the three organized team activity sessions open to reporters. Vrabel said Tuesday he could end the mystery because Dodd wasn’t around. The upcoming minicamp is mandatory. — Cavaliers point guard George Hill is questionable for Wednesday’s crucial Game 5 against Indiana because of back spasms. Hill has been dealing with back problems since the series opener Richard Sherman Jersey , when he was flattened by an illegal screen by Pacers forward Trevor Booker. Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue says Hill was limited to shooting drills during Tuesday’s practice and will start if he can play. Jose Calderon started Game 4 at Indianapolis and scored five points in 19 minutes as the Cavaliers evened the series at 2-2. Cleveland is 24-9 when Calderon starts. Hill is averaging 8.7 points and 1.7 assists in his first postseason with Cleveland, which acquired him at the trade deadline in February. He started 24 games during the season. — Authentic Womens Brian O'Neill Jersey
  9. Make the wrong choice, and the outcomes can range from a small inconvenience to compromising the safety of operators and equipment. Choosing the right switch—and the right switch supplier—is essential. Smart design engineers will know the performance requirements and manufacturability constraints of their product, and will reach out early and often to collaborate with their switch supplier. But where should a designer begin? In this 4-page whitepaper, you will learn the basics of choosing switches: Key constraints design engineers need to consider, including circuit, panel and user performance Design for manufacturability Questions to ask when choosing your switch vendor Request Free! View the full article
  10. The flood slaps the masonry wall and seems to have spirituality to enter the cemetery, and is blocked by the silver piece. I have never seen this scene. Everyone actually believes that this is the ancestor of the ancestors. I don��t know, the silver piece is actually a fine silver scorpion, and it has been a dragon for a thousand years. It has already become a dragon, but it has been delayed. Day and night guarding the cemetery, the loyalty to the mausoleum can be seen. The flood continued for seven days, and during the period, the water volume did not increase and did not enter the cemetery. After seven days, the amount of water plummeted, and the silver-streaked giant clam was also displayed beside the cemetery. Although the silver carp has become a fairy Marlboro Menthol 100S, how can it not eat in the water for seven days, and to block the water outside the cemetery? This silver-scale giant python had already exhausted and died five days later, and although there was an increase in water potential, it was afraid of its power rs are surrounded by silver plaques and look at their bodies. There are dozens of large and small holes. The villagers know their great grace and know their loyalty. It was decided to bury the silver scale python in the cemetery, and choose another day to bury the new tomb next to the tomb of Taizu Cheap Cigarettes. Since then, people often see the image of the silver dragon sky. After a few years, there are no more water cemeteries, and the water will be diverted.The hillside of the head, the chrysanthemums are open, some are broken, a little bit of broken chrysanthemum petals accompanying the autumn wind flying in the air, chaotic snow, beautiful as the moon. I accidentally discovered the existence of a hillside. It was spring, the green grass was everywhere, colorful wildflowers dotted this green carpet, the butterfly naughty flies in midair, the beautiful face of the hi on enjoy the happiness that autumn brings to me. The wind blew, the small chrysanthemums that opened early on the cheeks swayed, the petals wiped my cheeks, soft, soft, itchy, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Suddenly, there was a footstep of "Shasha", and I held my breath and my eyes were looking outward Cigarettes Online. The uninvited guest who came in today, I can't help but frown. "Is it bothering you?" There was a sweet voice behind me. I couldn't help but turn my head. A girl stood behind me, shofar, big eyes, a basket of wild chrysanthemums, just the old clothes. She didn't match her very much. She smiled. She smiled very cute. She showed two small dimples on her face. It was like... It was like a wild chrysanthemum in the fall. I looked so tired, and the girl looked at me doubtfully. I reached out and shook my eyes. I shook my head and looked at her dissatisfied Carton Of Marlboro Reds. The girl was still a bright smile Newport Cigarettes Coupons, as if it would never disappear. She is by my side, watching the blue sky with me. "What is your name?" I asked. "My name is blossoming." The blossoming looked at me and smiled. "Oh." inseparable. Duo often looked at me in a red dress, trying to reach out and touch, but did not dare, I smiled and said: "Flower, do you like it?" Dodging nodded, shook his head again "When you are on your birthday, I will give it to you." I vowed to say, blossoming and looking at me in surprise, I patted her hand, definitely nodded, and blossomed happily, she never Through the skirt. However, I can't wait to send a flowery skirt, Mom and Dad took me away, we are going to the big city. Sitting on the bus, my tears continued to flow down, making my father and mother rushed, and finally made me quiet. I put my head out of the window, I saw a bunch of wildflowers rushing to me, her eyes were red, one was not paying attention, a stone fell and blossomed, "Flower!" I loudly Cried, the tea I promised to blossom and give her a red dress. However, the blossoming was gone, and her mother and dad took her home. I came back to the hillside, everything on the hillside was still so familiar, but I couldn��t see the figure that I once had with the blossoming hand...
  11. Have you envisioned the future? The future world is illusory, but I believe that the future will be a world of science, civilization and comfort. And at any time, the house will be the focus of public discussion. Let me talk about what my future future house is like. beautiful and chic house floats on the endless sea. The white roof is like a soft, soft marshmallow, and it is like a sweet and crunchy almond sugar flake. It becomes warm and clean under the sunlight. The walls are made of translucent orange glass, giving a sweet and happy atmosphere.e house is drifting smoothly as the sea flows. Because at the bottom of the house, it not only contains a super strong waterproof layer, but also contains a huge suction force, which can be attracted to each other through the seawater and the seabed floor, so as to keep the house drifting smoothly at sea. Everything in the house is determined by touch, avoiding unnecessary trouble. There is no electric light in the whole house, only the orange glass breaks down the sunlight into soft light to illuminate all corners of the room. A person living in a drifting room at sea can place a chair on the roof. You can take all the different seaside scenery to the bottom of your eyes without lying on the chair. If you are not satisfied with this dull life, you can also set the house into a surf form, which will definitely make people feel different passion. the future, there is no dream of dreams; the future is the sail of technology control; the future is also a judgment on the efforts made today. Realize the future and beautify the future.One day, the poem was bathed in the bathroom Marlboro Red 100S. After washing, dry it and prepare to go out. Suddenly, there was a vicissitude in the bathroom: "Let me out! Let me out!" Shi Yi was very scared and shouted: "Who are you? Don't be kidding! Come out!" "I didn't lie to you, I am in the mirror." "So how shoul", the mirror is broken, and there is a floating inside. The little girl who floats, she said: "Thank you, my master, you let me regain freedom. What you say later, I will help you!" "Really?" The poem is dubious Parliament Cigarettes, saying "Then you shrink the globe ten times!" said, taking the globe out. The little girl drilled back into the mirror. In a short while, she took out the globe ten times smaller Newport Cigarettes Coupons, which m to buy a small mirror that you can carry with you. When you need me, call my name. - Xiaoyin. From then on, when poetry needs help Wholesale Cigarettes, Jingxian can immediately come to help. However, the good times are not long, and the poems with mirrors are proud of this, as if others are lower than her, always hanging high. In the past, she liked to help others, but now, she is screaming at herself with mirrors and other people as slaves. Those who need help are not only sympathetic, but also always sneer at her. Jing Xian was also fed up. One night, Jing Xian told her that she was leaving her. The poem shouted loudly: "What!? You are not saying that I am your master? How can I be unfaithful to the master?" "But I was interested in the kind poetry, and I gave my magic. She, but she not only did not grow, but also regressed a lot, I don't want to follow this kind of master!" Then he flew back into the mirror and never came out again. The poems that lost Jingxian were very regretful. She regretted why she had become so selfish. Unconsciously, Shiyi changed back to the previous poetry, and Jingxian returned to her side Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Since then, Shi Yi and Jing Xian have cooperated to help more people. Shiyi has also been famous since then, because her deeds have touched all the people of the world. Even the aliens know that there is a girl on the earth called Shiyi.
  12. There are many kinds of materials used to produce automobiles: iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics and so on. According to statistics, in recent years, the weight composition ratio of the main materials of an ordinary car is approximately 65%-70%, 10%-15% of non-ferrous metals, and 20% of non-metallic materials. Various new materials, such as light metal materials, composite materials, high-tech synthetic materials, are increasingly used in modern automobiles. Metal materials have various properties. It has physical and chemical properties, mechanical properties and process properties. Physical and chemical properties refer to the properties of metal materials under various physical conditions and the ability to resist the erosion of various chemical media. Density: mass per unit volume; thermal conductivity: the ability to conduct heat; electrical conductivity: the ability to conduct electric current; thermal expansion: the ability to increase volume when heated; melting point: the temperature when the solid state becomes liquid; magnetism: the magnetic conductivity of metallic materials is called magnetism; corrosion resistance: metal resists the occurrence of the surrounding medium at room temperature The ability of chemical reactions to be destroyed; oxidation resistance: the ability of metals to resist oxidation at high temperatures. Mechanical performance refers to the resistance of metallic materials under various loads (external forces). It has the following indicators: Impact toughness: the ability of metal materials to resist failure under impact loading is called impact toughness. Fatigue strength: Fatigue cracks occur in metal materials under cyclic loading and lead to fracture called fatigue fracture; the maximum stress that does not produce fracture under repeated cyclic loading is called fatigue strength; the fatigue strength is measured by fatigue test; when the number of stress cycles of metal materials reaches 107, the parts are still Without breaking, the maximum stress at this time can be used as fatigue strength. For some high strength steels, the maximum stress at 108 cycles of stress is their fatigue strength. Cutting performance: cutting performance refers to the difficulty of machining metal materials. Heat treatment performance: heat treatment performance refers to the ability of metal materials to adapt to various heat treatment processes.
  13. The damage of automobile parts mainly includes four types: deformation, fracture, corrosion and wear. The first three types of damage are usually repaired by cold working, hot working or gluing. If the general parts deformation can be cold-pressed or hot-pressed after correction for mechanical repair; shaft parts can be broken by inlaying, welding, forging and other methods to repair; cylinder block water jacket cracks can be repaired by welding, riveting or adhesive methods. Parts wear is the most common damage. Parts that have not worn out beyond the specified repair size are processed according to repair size. Parts that have worn out beyond the repair size are repaired by surfacing, spraying, electroplating and other metal covering processes and adhesive methods. Electroplating Repair Method This method is to use the part to be repaired as the cathode, so that the metal cations in the electrolyte move toward the part (cathode) under the action of electric field force, and deposit on the surface of the part. The advantage of the electroplating method is that it can obtain a good wear resistant layer and no distortion of the parts. Chromium plating is often used to repair automobile parts, followed by iron plating chromium plating and iron plating are both electrode crystals, with similar ultra-fine grains and high dislocation structure and large internal stress, and is stratified, with a large number of microcracks. But the chromium plating layer and the iron plating layer have their own characteristics, such as high hardness, good wear resistance, and prolonging the service life of the parts. The disadvantages are low current efficiency, slow deposition, thin coating, high cost, and highly toxic chromium anhydride, serious environmental pollution. The electrolyte temperature of iron plating used to be above 90 C, which can reduce the internal stress of the coating and prevent peeling, but the hardness of the coating is on the low side. In 70s, the wear resistance and the bonding strength of the coating were increased by using low temperature iron plating at 45 C. Iron plating also has the advantages of fast accumulation, low cost and no pollution to the environment.
  14. As the world flattens and interconnects more than ever before, the global market becomes a winner-takes-all affair. The global economy rewards manufacturers that quickly adopt best practices and crushes those who linger in the ways of the past. Three key manufacturing trends build upon globalization: infrastructure productivity, responsive supply chains and product life cycle efficiency. Those trends dictate success for manufacturers in the 21st century. Companies that adopt 3D printing in their manufacturing and embrace these trends will have an advantage over the competition. In this white paper you will learn: Why 3D printing will be a critical tool for staving off stagnation in innovation How 3D printing can make you more responsive to your customer's demands. Why 3D printing is the greatest tool for increasing efficiency in your production regime. Request Free! View the full article
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  16. The significance of automotive parts repair is to repair old and waste, reduce the consumption of new parts, thereby saving raw materials, energy and manpower for manufacturing parts. The damage of automobile parts mainly includes four types: deformation, fracture, corrosion and wear. The first three types of damage are usually repaired by cold working, hot working or gluing. If the general parts deformation can be cold-pressed or hot-pressed after correction for mechanical repair; shaft parts can be broken by inlaying, welding, forging and other methods to repair; cylinder block water jacket cracks can be repaired by welding, riveting or adhesive methods. Parts wear is the most common damage. Parts that have not worn out beyond the specified repair size are processed according to repair size. Parts that have worn out beyond the repair size are repaired by surfacing, spraying, electroplating and other metal covering processes and adhesive methods. Automatic surfacing is to install parts on the surfacing machine and turn them on side. Commonly used automatic surfacing has three technologies: vibration surfacing, carbon dioxide protection welding and submerged arc welding. Carbon dioxide protection welding is carried out under the covering of carbon dioxide gas. Because carbon dioxide can react with carbon in molten iron to form carbon monoxide at high arc temperature, some carbon monoxide gases escaped from molten iron pool and become pores in the welding layer, thus affecting the surfacing quality. Therefore, in order to reduce the porosity, carbon dioxide shielded welding mostly uses special low-carbon manganese-silicon alloy steel wire with low carbon content and sufficient deoxidizer. The wire diameter is 0.4-0.6 mm. The surfacing layer has high strength, few pores and no cracks, but the hardness is low. This method is suitable for repairing cab, leaf plate and other thin plate parts.
  17. Failure concept The failure of automobile parts to lose the functions specified in the original design is called failure. Failure refers not only to the complete loss of original functions, but also to functional degradation and serious damage or hidden dangers, continued use will lose reliability and safety components. Basic form of failure Classification of failure according to failure mode and failure mechanism is an important part of failure study. Automobile parts can be classified into five types according to their failure modes, i.e. wear, fatigue fracture deformation, decay and aging. Several failure modes or failure mechanisms may exist simultaneously for each part. Feilong jiangli try his best to take all the conditions into consideration to develop the best water pumps and other parts for the customers.
  18. Common failures of electronic-controlled engines are as follows: difficult starting; unstable idle speed; unstable idle speed of hot vehicles; engine tempering; engine running weakness; engine intermittent failure; cylinder starvation; excessive fuel consumption; poor acceleration and other symptoms. There are various reasons for every failure. 1.4Reasons for intermittent engine faults (1) Loose wiring connectors, tighten each item firmly; 2) Inspect the ignition system and the cylinder high-voltage spark (3) Check the status of distributors (4) Check whether the vacuum tube has air leakage (5) artificial vibration, observe whether the fault phenomenon changes. Feilong Jiangli will share other faults analysis of electronically controlled engine.
  19. Analysis of common faults of electronically controlled engines Common failures of electronic-controlled engines are as follows: difficult starting; unstable idle speed; unstable idle speed of hot vehicles; engine tempering; engine running weakness; engine intermittent failure; cylinder starvation; excessive fuel consumption; poor acceleration and other symptoms. There are various reasons for every failure. 1.1 Idle speed instability (1) Inlet system problems, make the mixture too thin (2) auxiliary air valve operation is not normal (3) injector injection time is not correct (4) ignition system is not correct (5) valve clearance is not correct (6) cold start injector leakage and other 1.3 engine operation of the main reasons for powerlessness (1) low fuel pressure, Poor fuel supply (2) poor ignition system or ignition timing (3) poor engine compression system (4) insufficient air flow meter or intake pressure sensor (5) engine wear seriously, insufficient cylinder compression Feilong Jiangli will share other faults analysis of electronically controlled engine.
  20. Johnny S. Redick

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  21. Rolling bearings on automobiles include ball bearings, roller bearings, tapered bearings and needle roller bearings. They often work under high speed and heavy load conditions and bear considerable alternating loads. Therefore, rollers and raceways often produce serious wear, fatigue spalling, fracture, ablation (that is, high temperature annealing, serious, the color is purple black, similar to blue) and other phenomena. When rolling bearing, a component usually does not need to decompose and check the damage condition of each part. When inspecting, the bearings are cleaned and rubbed. The quality of the bearings can be appraised by means of external inspection, idling test and internal clearance inspection if necessary. (1) appearance check. In the inspection, if the following damage phenomena are found, they should be replaced in time. Rollers (ball, cylindrical roller, tapered roller, needle) and internal and external raceways are discolored by ablation; in the internal and external raceways of bearings, there are impact marks, marks and scratches; in the internal and external raceways of bearings, rolling bodies (ball, cylindrical roller, tapered roller, needle) on the occurrence of cracks, metal delamination, scaly peeling and a large number of (ball, cylindrical roller, tapered roller, needle) Usually more than one third of the area) black spots; excessive wear in the groove of the retaining roller, the roller can fall out by itself; due to tapered roller wear, its small end of the working face protruding out of the bearing outer seat ring end; tapered roller bearing inner ring large end of the internal end of the notch and metal spalling. In the inspection of rolling bearings, if only minor corrosive black spots are found in the bearings and minor defects in the cage are found, without affecting the rotation of the bearings, they can generally continue to be used. (2) idling inspection. The experiment mainly depends on whether the bearing rotates flexibly, whether there is noise or whether it is stuck or not. The inhomogeneity of the bearing rotation can be judged from the feeling on the hand (the old bearing is allowed to have a slight noise). (3) internal clearance check. The measurement of internal clearance and wear of ball bearings can be judged by measuring their radial and axial clearance. Axial clearance inspection: the bearing outer seat ring is placed on two cushion blocks, and the inner seat ring is suspended, and then a small plate is placed on the inner seat diagram, the dial stylus against the center of the plate, the maximum allowable value of axial clearance is 0.20 ~ 0.25 mm. Radial clearance inspection: Place the bearing on a flat plate so that the dial gauge stylus against the bearing outer seat, and then hand press the bearing inner ring, the other hand reciprocating push the bearing outer ring, the number of meter needle swing is the radial clearance of the bearing. The maximum allowable value of radial clearance is 0.10~0.15mm.
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  24. Software and technology companies operate in one of the most rapidly evolving industries of all, with seismic shifts in development, infrastructure, customer expectations and business models. Companies can go from startup to IPO to global enterprise to acquisition in just a few years. Finding a business system that can keep up with this change presents a tremendous challenge. Request Free! View the full article
  25. I have heard and read so much about the ghostwriting services, and I came to know that the ghostwriting services cost a lot if you wish to hire them. I was wondering how much does the ghostwriting fiction costs you if you want to write the entire novel, or a few chapters of the book. Also, I came to learn that there are different rates of the ghostwriters based on different conditions that they are asked to do the work. So, if anyone wants to hire a fiction ghostwriter, either for writing the entire fiction book or just a few sections, how much will it cost them?
  26. Other Engine failures 1) water tank rust and scaling. Rust and scaling are the most common problems in engine water tanks. Rust and scale will restrict the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reduce heat dissipation caused by engine overheating, and even cause engine damage to form acid, corrosion of metal parts in the tank, resulting in tank damage, leakage. Regular use of tank tension efficient cleaning agent to clean the water tank, remove rust and dirt which ensure the normal operation of the engine, and can extend the overall life of the water tank and engine. 2)the cooling system is in bad condition. The lubrication system is especially important for automobile engine maintenance, and little attention is paid to the cooling system. It is unknown that the most common troubles of automotive engines, such as piston cylinder pulling, knock cylinder punch internal leakage of serious noise, acceleration power drop is due to the abnormal temperature of the automotive engine, excessive pressure caused by poor condition. The bad condition of the cooling system will directly lead to the engine can not work at normal temperature, which will lead to the above serious failure phenomenon. Feilong Jiangli will share other kind of failure.
  27. Grinding is the process of grinding metal with a grinding wheel on a grinder. Grinding is one of the main methods of finishing. In the automobile industry, the grinding machine accounts for about 25%. Therefore, finishing and grinding of hardened materials is a common method. In addition, grinding is easy to automate, and is conducive to efficient production. Grinding has the following characteristics: 1. The grinding wheel has high abrasive hardness and good heat resistance, so it can grind hard materials that metal tools can not process. 2. Grinding can remove very thin and very fine chips, the chip thickness is generally only a few microns, therefore, has a strong correction ability, processing accuracy can reach T6~IT5, surface roughness of Ra0.1 micron. 3. high grinding speed. 4. The cutting temperature is high, and the instantaneous maximum can reach 1000 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the grinding surface is easy to produce residual stress, burn and crack. According to the geometry of the object, grinding can be divided into outer circle, inner circle, plane and formed surface. By clamping and driving the workpiece, it can be divided into centering grinding and centerless grinding. According to the feed direction, it can be divided into longitudinal feed and transverse feed. According to the working surface types of grinding wheels, they can be divided into peripheral grinding, end grinding and peripheral grinding. The types of grinding machines commonly used in automobile manufacturing are ordinary grinder and special grinder. Ordinary grinder includes: cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, surface grinder, centerless grinder, etc. Special grinding machines include camshaft grinder, crankshaft grinder, cross shaft grinder and so on.
  28. Engine failure classifications First, failure of cylinder and tile burning. When there is too much carbon between the piston and the cylinder, or insufficient oil, and too much dirt in the configuration system, the piston will be damaged when heated and expanded. And burning tile is generally in the system when problems, such as insufficient oil, configuration clearance is too small, oil plug is not impassable and so on, resulting in difficult start-up startup, flameout or smoke phenomenon. Maintenance measures for such troubles are to replace the appropriate piston according to different vehicle types and the corresponding engine-like cylinder to alleviate the damage of the cylinder. When the Bush is burnt, it needs to be scraped to adjust the degree of shaft and Bush configuration, and then, bearing dressing can be solved. Feilong Jiangli will share other kind of failure. Second, fuel injection pump problem. If the injection advance angle praseodymium error. If the valve is not sealed or the parts are damaged, the fuel injection pump will be replaced, or if the fuel supply advance device is damaged, the spring may be broken, the spring supporting plate may be worn out, the counterweight block will be stuck and replaced.
  29. Engine failures can be roughly divided into the following: 1. The main reason of engine starting lag is the lack of battery energy. The engine speed is inversely proportional to the starter power. The higher the engine speed, the less starter power. In the case of starter power shortage, the engine starting will be very difficult. Of course, when the engine joint is loose, the tubing is broken and the base cushion is not strict, the piston is damaged, air and oil seepage, or oil seepage, pipeline blockage, sealing is not good, cylinder pressure is too low and so on, will also affect the normal operation of the starter to solve the maintenance measures is to replace the battery first. If the problem still exists, it is necessary to replace the oil pipes, connectors and liners of the engine as soon as possible, and then discharge the filters and sewage from the pipes to keep them open or replace the piston rings with better wear resistance to make the cylinder pressure normal. Feilong Jiangli will share other kind of failure. 2. Premature or late fuel injection causes abnormal oil. People who drive cars often have this experience, such as the cylinder when the fuel supply "when" sound or dull "ringing" sound, which is really premature fuel injection and the performance of the spring, in this case the fuel supply is either too large or insufficient, resulting in engine speed and dynamic abnormality. The maintenance strategy is to loosen the two screws of the fuel injection pump coupling after the car starts, so that the flywheel pair on the fuel meter is on the corresponding degree line on the rotating disc of the fuel injection pump, and at the same time, to align the rear knuckle up by the timing so-called calibration line, which corresponds to the strength of the full pedal on the throttle, so that the fuel supply is stable until the normal power.
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